Welcome to Dragon Nest! You’re about to enter a fantastic world filled with magic, wonder, hideous monsters, evil villains, and endless adventure. This guide will help you download the game and provide you with an overview of the game’s basic movement and combat controls.

Downloading the Game

Before you can play Dragon Nest, you'll need to download and install the game.

  • 1. Click on "Play"

    Click on "Play" to start the download and install process. If you already have a Nexon game installed, skip to step 5. If auto download fails, please click the button below to download manually. DOWNLOAD >

  • 2. Download the Dragon Nest Downloader

    Click on "Run" or "Save" to download the Dragon Nest Downloader.

  • 3. Confirm Folder Destination

    Choose a location on your system in which to save the Dragon Nest Downloader. Click “Next” to continue.

  • 4. Agree to the End User License Agreement

    The Nexon America EULA window will pop up. Click on “Agree” to continue.

  • 5. Install Dragon Nest

    Choose a location on your system to install the game and click on “Install.”

  • 6. Confirm Installation

    Confirm your installation by clicking “OK.” If you do not have another Nexon game installed on your system, you will see both prompts.

  • 7. Go to the Dragon Nest Website

    After installation, return to the Dragon Nest website and click “Play.”

  • 8. Play Dragon Nest

    When the game launcher/patcher opens, click “Play.”

  • 9. Select Server

    Select a server and click “Connect.”

  • 10. Create a Character

    Click on “Create” to create the character you’d like to use. If you have never played Dragon Nest, you will automatically be directed to the character creation screen.

  • 11. Start the Game

    Select your newly created character and press the “Start” button.

  • 12. Create a Second Password

    Using the virtual keyboard provided, create a second password for additional security.

  • 13. Select Channel

    Select a channel and click “Connect.” Please note there might be only one channel during beta tests.

Game Controls

Movement Controls

Basic Movement (WASD) :

Press W to move your character forward, S to move backward,and A and D to strafe (move sideways) left and right respectively.

Double Tap WASD – Dodge or Shift WASD: Pressing any of the movement keys twice in rapid succession will cause your character to perform a “dodge” move. This move is different for each character, but all are used to move quickly in one direction.

Spacebar: Press the spacebar to jump. G: Press G to quickly turn 180 degrees.

Camera Controls

While moving your character, the camera stays locked behind and slightly to the right of your character. During movement, your character will be in "Mouselook" mode.

Moving your mouse left and right will turn your character to the left and right respectively while the camera remains locked behind your character. Pushing the mouse forward or backward will change the angle of the camera to point toward the ground or the sky, respectively.

CTRL: Take the game out of Mouselook mode and restore the cursor to the screen. You may then use the mouse as normal to move the cursor to click on any of the interface buttons.

Mouse wheel: Roll the mouse wheel forward and backward to zoom in and out.

Interacting with the World

While in Mouselook mode, your aiming reticle will change to an [interaction icon] whenever it intersects with an object or a person that can be interacted with in a non-violent manner. Press the right mouse button to perform the interaction.

F: Press F to pick up an item. Use this to pick up treasure that drops from monsters during combat.

Combat Controls

Tab: Press tab to enter and exit combat mode.

Left Mouse Button: Press the left mouse button to perform a basic attack. Hold it down longer before releasing for a more powerful basic attack.

Right Mouse Button: Press the right mouse button to perform a special attack.

1-0: Hotkeys. Special skills that can be bound and activated quickly by pressing the corresponding key.