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This study concluded that nuchal cords may not significantly increase the risk of acute or labor-associated fetal hypoxia, but are an independent risk factor of mild, chronic, prelabor fetal hypoxia.

  • For example, if after measuring the nuchal fold it is obtained that there is a probability of 1 in 30, it means that 1 in 30 babies born with the same results has a real risk of suffering some kind of problem.

  • This scan has been shown to detect 77% of babies who are born with Down syndrome.

Prenatal diagnosis and pregnancy outcome analysis of thickened nuchal fold in the second trimester

Nuchal cords are more likely to cause problems when the cord is tightly wrapped around the neck, with effects of a tight nuchal cord conceptually similar to strangulation.

  • They are usually multi-septate and the hallmark of a true cystic hygroma is the presence of the thick midline nuchal septum corresponding to the nuchal ligament Figure 1-42.

  • Better understanding of bioengineering aspect of umbilical cord especially on mechanism of nuchal cord formation may shed light on management.

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