Dragon Nest News and Events

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  • Connectivity Issues 11/20/2014

    Nov. 20, 2014
    There is an connectivity issue currently affecting Nexon portals. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to resolve the issue.Read More
  • [Complete] Scheduled Maintenance - (11/19/2014)

    Nov. 18, 2014

    We will be performing a scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 8:00 AM Pacific (11:00 AM Eastern). During this period, all servers will be unavailable. We anticipate the maintenance to last approximately 2 hours.Read More
  • A Gilded Dragon Egg Update!

    Nov. 13, 2014

    We're well into November, which means it's time to put away the Wicked Treat Boxes and bring back our beloved Dragon Eggs for some truly golden renewals! After the update on November 13, you might find something golden shining from those broken shells.

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  • Complete Update Notes – Black Dragon Nest Hardcore

    Nov. 13, 2014

    Read on for the full November update patch notes.
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  • Storybook Costume Sets Available Now!

    Nov. 13, 2014

    Costume sets inspired by the stories from our childhood comes to life in November's Dragon Vault update! Whether your favorite was Alice in Wonderland or Puss in Boots, there's sure to be a costume set to tickle your fabled fantasy!Read More
  • Loffy's Dicey Dungeon: Season 2

    Nov. 13, 2014

    Loffy is back with his Dicey Dungeon - freshly updated with new rewards and challenges! Join Loffy as he returns to his buccaneering roots and help him track down his secret treasure room!Read More
  • [Complete] Scheduled Update - (11/13/2014)

    Nov. 12, 2014

    We will be performing a scheduled update on Dragon Nest on Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 6:30 AM Pacific (9:30 AM Eastern) to apply the November update. During this period, all servers will be unavailable. We anticipate the update to last approximately 6.5 hours.Read More
  • Introducing the Knights of Altera

    Nov. 10, 2014

    Knights of Altera are heroes who dress to impress. They have the sharpest blades and the toughest armor and their builds consistently lead them to victory. This month we're honoring Goodwill, a Lv. 70 Lunar Knight who's equipped for any and every situation. In this article, you'll find a breakdown of their character's build and tips on how to be as successful as this mighty champion.Read More
  • Future Content Stream - November 10th at 5:00 PM Pacific!

    Nov. 07, 2014

    We hope you were scaring up a good time in Dragon Nest the past few weeks. We've got a pipin' hot update ready for Alterans next week! Join LeftClick from the Dragon Nest team on Monday, November 10th at 5:00 PM PST.Read More
  • Reap the Harvest - Special Farm Sale

    Nov. 05, 2014

    Leaves gust across the cobblestone roads of Carderock Pass. With the sun setting earlier in the day, we know winter is just around the corner. It's time to reap the harvest and prepare for the cold months ahead. Luckily, we have a special sale to get you started!Read More