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Hannah went bungee jumping with Garrett Powell.

  • None of the men drew particularly well, so it was on to the next challenge: Wearing a blindfold and sculpting an object that represented their time with Tayshia.

  • Tayshia Adams conquered season 16 and got engaged to Zac Clark, but her year was also filled with plenty of steamy bikini pictures.

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Date rose: Tayshia was grateful Zac told her about his past, and she gave him her date rose The next day, Tayshia went on a group date to a life-drawing class with 10 men.

  • A few suggestive comments later, I immediately knew where the conversation was headed, and it was escalating at warp speed.

  • I took this as a sign from the universe that I should probably go get ready for dinner, so I grabbed my stuff and headed back to my room, but as I was crossing the beach, I saw a group of policemen walking along the water, so I asked one of the staff members why they were there.