Kali - The Second Prophet

ne fated night many years ago, the Star of Destiny rose like a beacon in the sky and whispers of the Prophet’s coming flooded the streets of Saint’s Haven. Rose, the descendant of the Ancients, was born, and it seemed that Altera’s deliverance into an age of peace and prosperity was near at last.

But the Shadow Star also rose that night. Its pale light fell upon a secluded desert village where a second prophet was born.


The Kali spent her childhood learning to harness the power of dark magic, but her training was cut short when a band of Dragon Cultists led by Liam destroyed her village and its inhabitants. Left with no home and no allies, the Kali called upon the darkness within to summon the spirit of her late master, Gaharam.

Now, Gaharam has given Kali a mission: to find and protect Rose at all costs!