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Arendel's Destiny

At long last, Jasmine has been defeated. Her clone army has been vanquished and Altera is now washed clean of her poisonous influence. Good and gentle folk from Carderock Pass to Saint's Haven are ready to heave a sigh of relief and return to their daily routines... but dark clouds are rumbling on the horizon. Something evil has descended on the elven kingdom of Arendel...

Time has finally caught up with the beautiful elf queen and she has begun to grow weak and worn. The Conclave has been called into session, the ceremony by which a new Queen will be chosen, but evil has other plans.

Level 70 is here and it is up to you to make the journey to Arendel, and prevent the tide of evil from swallowing it whole.

Powerful New Skills

With evil descending upon Arendel, the bravest adventurers will need a little help taking on new challenges.
Level up and learn new level 65 and 70 skills to help Arendel choose their new queen!

New Darkness

It is a time of great unrest for the elves of Arendel as they choose their next Queen. To make matters worse, word has arrived that
the dastardly Apostles have set their sights on this woodland paradise.

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