Complete Update Notes - Memoirs Of A Beggar

Views 23797   Date 2/13/2014

Loffy’s Quest For Treasure

Ahoy, me mateys! The Pirate King has found his long lost booty and has decided (sort of) to give ye a share! That is, of carse, if ye be willing to treasure hunt fer it, ye scurvy-ridden scallywags! Arrrrrr! Grab a share of the motherload before it be too late!

Remember that X marks the spot! To read the map, click here.

Dragon Vault Update

Out with the old, in with the new! Clean out that dusty old wardrobe with new Lv. 15 Magic Costumes and an update to the Synthesis Tablet. Get in the mood for romance with new Red Wings, perfect for Valentine's Day.

To find true love in the Dragon Vault, click here.

Bug Fixes

- Skill descriptions in the new Specialization window display proper text descriptions.
- Manticore pets can be purchased.
- Extracted Talismans now display proper text.
- Friendship UI messages now display proper text.
- Specialization prompt in Carderock Pass displays proper text.
- The American Bandana, the Australian Bandana, and the Canadian Bandana will now display on the Kali.
- The untranslated Morin option has been removed.
- The untranslated Tinkerer option has been translated.
- Professor Chatterbook option has been translated.

System Improvements/Changes

- Players now receive achievements and titles when buying any and all pets.

Known Issues

- Kitty pets still cannot be purchased.
- “Fashion Costume” button on the Character Select screen displays December 2013 costumes.
- “Geode” tab in certain black smith shops are still present.
- All channel ranges display as “(Lv1 ~ Lv60).”
- Achievements and titles from buying pets display as MIDs.
- “Roll Dice” and “Forfeit” art appear off centered on the Loffy Dicey Dungeon Map.
- The tab for the level 60 Arena Uniques display as an MID.
- Level 60 Arena Uniques cannot be suffixed.

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