Karma Koin and Liquid Spins

Views 32558   Date 2/19/2014
Karma Koin, the virtual currency accepted in all Nexon games, has partnered with Liquid Spins, a premium music streaming service to offer anyone with a Karma Koin card $5 worth of credit on Liquid Spins. Liquid Spins is an amazing music site featuring a library of thousands of songs and albums, ranging from classic oldies to pop hits.

No new purchase is necessary; anyone with a Karma Koin card – even if your card has no existing balance – is eligible to receive $5 of credit at Liquid Spins. Just sign up for a Liquid Spins account or log in to your existing one and you'll be given a prompt asking you to enter a PIN found on your Karma Koin card. After your code is accepted, $5 will be deposited into your Liquid Spins account for music downloads.

To sign up or log in, follow this link:

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