[Update] Hot Summer Dragon Vault Update

Views 24783   Date 7/16/2014

Baseball season is in full swing, and supporting your home team while chomping on a ballpark frank is about the most summery thing you can do. Now you show your love for America's favorite pastime in Dragon Nest!

Take me out to the ballgame…

Dragon Egg Update

Dragon Eggs are also being updated this month, meaning there's a whole new slew of goodies to be found inside. The newest rare item to be added is the Nimbus Cloud mount. Race around the skies atop this fluffy beast and you may even catch a glimpse of a sparkling rainbow.

Even better, we're adding a tradeable pair of magic earrings that provides an 800 HP boost to the wearer. This is the first time Dragon Egg earrings have been made available for trade with other players, so don't miss out!

New Baseball Outfits

New baseball outfits are now available inside the Dragon Vault, each representing one of the new Alteran League teams. If you're a Cleric, Sorceress or Tinkerer, then give a hip-hip-hooray for the Angels, the patron team of magic users and scientists alike. More of a beat-em-up type? The Devils represent Archers, Kalis, Warriors and the new Assassin class. Each uniform comes in three different variants: Home, Away, and Alternate. The full set comes with a Body Armor, Leg Armor, Gloves, Shoes, Hat, a Weapon, Off-Hand Weapon, and a Rare-grade 90-day Bandage Decal that grants 60 physical/magic damage, 40 to each stat, and 2.50% to Defense and Magic Defense.

Archer's Devils Baseball Set: Home, Away, Alternate

Assassin's Devils Baseball Set: Home, Away, Alternate

Cleric's Angels Baseball Set: Home, Away, Alternate

Kali's Devils Baseball Set: Home, Away, Alternate

Sorceress's Angels Baseball Set: Home, Away, Alternate

Tinkerer's Angels Baseball Set: Home, Away, Alternate

Warrior's Devils Baseball Set: Home, Away, Alternate

As an added bonus, for the first week, from July 16 to July 22, all variants of the Baseball Outfit will be on sale! In addition, for each package set you purchase, you'll receive 5 Costume Hybrid Tablets, so you can give your new costume your favorite stats free of charge!

Note: Costume Hybrid Tablets will be delivered to account Special Storage by Thursday, July 24.

[Update] We encountered a problem with distributing Hybrid Costume Tablets. Resolving this issue will require a game update. We hope to distribute Hybrid Costume Tablets after the game update on Thursday. Thank you for your patience.
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