Dragon Nest Digest - Vol. 1: Party Play

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How to Party Play

Why Should I Join a party?

Strength in Numbers

There are many dungeons in Altera that can be treacherous to venture into alone. Abyss difficulty dungeons, Nests and the Edge of Darkness Atriums are a daunting task to tackle on your own.

It Pays to Party

Completing a dungeon while in a party will give you a bonus of up to 45%. This bonus can be increased by partying with Guild mates, Guild Masters or another player who has the same mentor as you. Also, if you party up with a Pupil, you will not consume Empowerment Points or Equipment Durability throughout the dungeon.

How to Join a Party

Get the Word Out

The easiest way to party up is to whisper a friend and ask them to join a party with them. There are other ways though. If you open the Community menu (Hotkey: O) while in town, you can check out the Party tab, where you can find fellow players in search of another party member.

You can also keep an eye out for party member request in the town chat window.

Guild of Allies

All players are placed in a special guild called a "Hero Academy" when they create a new character. The Guild Tab on the Community menu is a good place to find Guild mates who may be looking to party.

If you find the Hero Academy to be lacking in available recruits, quit your Guild and join a new one. Active Guilds are always advertising in town chat, or in the Recruitment section of the Official Dragon Nest Forums.

If you need any further tips on joining Guilds, consult the in-game Help menu (Hotkey: J), and type "Guild" in the Keywords box.

Last Chance to Party

When entering a field from town, you can click on the Party button to find an available party in town.

The Life of the Party

Sometimes, there can be so many active parties that it becomes difficult to find the right one for you. You can refine your Party search by clicking the Adv. Button on the Party tab of the Social Window.

Exit Strategy

It’s always good to know you can leave a party any time you want. The Leave Party button below your character portrait will allow you to leave on your terms. Be careful, though. Leaving a party while in a dungeon will force you to exit back to town.

How to Create Your Own Party

Get the Party Started

You can create a party of your own by opening the Social menu, and clicking Create Party. You can name your party, or go by the default party name. When you’re ready to get the word out, click Create, and your party will go live!

When a player wants to join your party, you will see a notice asking you to accept or reject this request. You have final say on who joins your party!

Create a Party that Suits Your Needs

You can also set conditions for people looking to join your party. You can choose the region or Dungeon you will be adventuring in. You can set minimum levels for players to join your party. If you want players to help you take down a Nest, click the Raid checkbox. You can even set a password on your party, by clicking the Private checkbox, and setting a password that other players must input before they join.

Separate the Weak From the Strong

Sometimes, there comes a player who just won’t gel with the rest of the party. Luckily, the party leader has access to the Kick command, which will allow a player to temporarily or permanently kick a party member out of the group.

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