Dragon Nest Digest - Vol. 2: PVP

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How To PVP

The 411 on PVP

A Whole New World

The Arena is a large stadium where players can fight against one another in a variety of competitive modes. Once you hit level 10, you can enter the Arena channels, and take your first step into the brutal world of PVP.

Getting There is Half the Fun

There are 2 ways to get to the Arena:

  • *Via the Channel Select Screen
  • *Via the Arena Button (Hotkey: X)

There is a tab on the channel select screen that will allow you to select a PVP channel. Important note, the Leviatha server has its own PVP servers. Gerrant, Elena, Argenta and Velskud have their own shared channels.

Stadium of Champions

When you enter any PVP channel you will find many of the services you can find in Saint’s Haven or Carderock Pass, including a Marketplace, a Mailbox and access to your Storage. You will also find vendors that sell Arena specific items and equipment.

There’s also the ever helpful Arena Officer Joseph, always ready to help with tips on entering the Arena.

The large Blue Portal will take you to the Arena Lobby, where you can select a PVP match to enter.

Finding a PVP Match

Dip Your Toes In the Water

The Arena (Beginner) tab is the best place to start. The matches in Green and Orange text are never-ending matches, and a good place to start if you’re feeling shy and just want to slip into combat for the first time.

The Tabs on the top will let you know the status of the match. No. is the room number, which can be helpful if you want to let a friend know exactly which match you’re in.

The Status Tab will let you know if the match has stated (Playing) or if they’re still waiting for more players (Waiting).

The Mode Tab will let you know which type of PVP mode is being played (More on that later.)

The Lv. Tab shows the level range for the match.

The Title tab shows the name that the room has been given. It can often contain a good description of what’s going on inside.

The Size tab shows how many players are currently playing.

The Map shows which map the match is being played on.

Know Where You Stand

The column to the right of the current matches displays all the players currently in the lobby. This column also displays a number of tabs that can easily help you find fellow guild members and friends.

There is also a link to the Rankings page, where you can measure you’re standings against other players. Don’t get discouraged reading this for the first time; you’ve got nowhere to go but up!

Get Into the Game

If you’re feeling brave, or if you’ve got the skills to pay the bills, you can always press the Quick Join button to hop right into a match.

Throw Your own Party

The Create Game button will allow you to create a game room of your own.

In the Create game you can customize the following:

  • *The name of your game
  • *The size of your game
  • *The game mode you are playing
  • *The map your game is played on
  • *How many points or rounds your game will last
  • *Whether or not players can join after the match has started
  • *Whether or not player’s health bars will show to opponents
  • *Whether or not player’s stats are put on an equal level (Equalized)
  • *Whether teams are locked, which will disable players from switching sides
  • *Whether or not items that restore MP and HP or bolster stats can be used
  • *Whether Spectators are allowed to view the match
  • *The level range players can limit the match to
  • *A password can be set, keeping out players you don’t know

Each of these options can dramatically change the way the match plays out. You should take time to learn the pros and cons of each option.

It’s a Game of Skill

All skills are not created equally, so make sure you check out the PVP version of your skills by moving your mouse over the desired skill, then scrolling up or down on the scroll wheel of your mouse.

Rank and File

The Senior General and higher ranks are honorary titles that only 101 people can possess in the entire game, with the exception of the Champion Rank, which is reserved for the best PVP player in the game. If you’re ranked as a Lanista or higher, you can purchase rare items from the Arena Elite Shop with an item called Goddess’s Medals (More on that later).

You will receive various as you rise in ranks from Grunt to Legionnaire. You will be able to see the reward requirements and items on the Combat tab of the Achievement window (Hotkey: L).

Your PVP rank will rise as you accumulate Arena EXP. In order to obtain Arena EXP, you should need to complete PVP matches. You can also buy an EXP Booster from the Arena Shop with Goddess’s Medals.

Game Modes


You will score points when you defeat a character in the opposite team. A dead character will be revived after a certain period of time.

Win Conditions: The team that reaches the point goal first wins.

You will receive Arena EXP and Goddess’s Medal as rewards when the match ends.


Score 1 point each round whenever your team wipes out the other team. Dead fighters revive at the beginning of each round.

Win Conditions: The team that reaches the point goal first wins.

You will receive Arena EXP and Goddess’s Medal as rewards when the match ends.


Fighters are picked by each team’s captain, and they fight 1 on 1. The winner recovers some HP and goes on to fight the next challenger.

Win Conditions: The team that defeats the entire enemy team wins.

You will receive Arena EXP and Goddess’s Medal as rewards when the match ends.

Protect Mode

A Captain is randomly picked for each team when a round starts. Defeat the other team’s Captain to win the round and gain 1 point for your team.

Win Conditions: The team that reaches the point goal first wins.

You will receive Arena EXP and Goddess’s Medal as rewards when the match ends.


Kill at will. No teams, no truces, no mercy.

Win Conditions: The match ends when one player reaches the set point goal, or when the timer expires.

You will receive Arena EXP and Goddess’s Medal as rewards when the match ends.

Domination Mode

Earn points by conquering bases. The first team to reach the point goal wins.

Win Conditions: The first team to capture the most bases wins.

You will receive Arena EXP and Goddess’s Medal as rewards when the match ends.

Guild Rumble Practice

The Guild Rumble is a grand skirmish on a giant battlefield with 16 players on each side.

Before the match begins, each team captain sets their Guild skills. Each team leader can use Guild skills during the match. Conquer enemy bases to earn points. On occasion, GMs will start Guild Rumbles, and spawn in horrible monsters.

Win Conditions: The first team to destroy the enemy’s relic wins, or be the team that has more points at the end of the timer.

Arena Race

At the beginning of the match, an arena-only mount is added to your inventory. Race your mount through the obstacles and reach the finish line before the others. Collect the carrots to speed up your mount, but beware; 50% of the carrots will slow you down! The race ends either when all competitors have crossed the finish line or the time limit is up.

You will receive a Goddess’s Medal as a reward when the match ends.

Ghoul Mode

A random fighter transforms into a Ghoul 10 seconds into each round. Any fighter the Ghoul kills also turns into a Ghoul. Each Ghoul has a random set of attacks, so make sure to check them out before hopping into the fray. Humans are limited to their normal attacks, but you can find powerful items to even the odds.

Human Win Conditions: Defeat all Ghouls, or have at least one human survive until time is up.

Ghoul Win Condition: Defeat all humans, eat brains, and bring destruction unto the Earth!

You will receive a Goddess’s Medal as a reward when the match ends.


Win one-on-one matches to climb up the tournament ladder.

Tournaments are broken into the following rounds:

Top 16 -> Quarter-final -> Semi-final -> Final.

Defeat all challengers to receive Goddess’s Medals as a reward when the match ends.

Combo Practice Mode

This mode lets you practice your combos. Press F1 to a training dummy to your location. You can even add another player to mix it up in a consequence-free environment.

Achievement Rooms

Achievement Rooms are the rooms in green text on the match selection screen. This PVP mode will be always available for players. It will always have seven different modes: Respawn Mode, Rounds Mode, Protect Mode, FFA, Domination Mode, Tourney, and Ghoul Mode.

When you clear the Achievement Room, you will receive different rewards, based on the challenges you overcome. Challenges will change every single day, so always check the Achievement Room’s mode and rewards on the Event tab of the Achievement window (L).

PVP Rewards

You Deserve a Medal

If you find yourself killing other players, or performing well, you’ll notice a fat stack of Goddess’s Medals. Goddess’s Medals can be traded to the Arena Quartermaster NPC in exchange for Epic equipment, materials to craft Epic equipment, Lustres, Hidden Ability Sparks, Crest Plate Pouches, and other hot loot.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Dragon Nest’s Ladder Mode will match you against a random player. Only players at level 60 can participate in the Ladder Mode. You can choose one on one (1:1) and three on three (3:3) modes. Your equipment and enhancement stats will be equalized for all Ladder matches.

Players who fought in Ladder matches 10 or more time the week before 9 AM PST, every Saturday, will receive Ladder Points based on their victories and defeats. Ladder points can be used to purchase incredible PVP gear.

Get Connected

For more information on skills, strategies, upcoming matches or in-depth discussions of all things PVP, make sure to check out the PVP Discussion forums on the Official Dragon Nest Forums.

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