Dragon Nest Digest - Vol.3: Crafting

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Creating a Better Character: Crafting

Why Should I Enhance My Gear?

Power Up!

Enhancing gear will add a new prefix to your equipment. Any Blacksmith can enhance an item. For instance, if you previously had a Gaia Cannon, the first time you successfully enhance it, you will get a +1 Gaia Cannon. But that’s not all, because enhancing an item does more than give it a cool name. Enhancing Armor will give you bonuses to your Maximum HP and MP, and enhancing your Main and Sub Weapons will increase your Magic and Physical Damage.

The Right Stuff

Depending on the item quality of the item you are enhancing (Is it Normal, Magic, Rare or Epic?) you will be required to pay gold and an enhancement material to enhance an item. These enhancement materials are Onyx, Altheum and Diamond. Normal, Magic and Rare Equipment can be enhanced using Onyx alone, but Epic Equipment requires both Altheum and Diamond. Legendary equipment require Life-giving Essence to be enhanced.

There are also grades to enhancement materials.  As you increase in levels, you will be required to use more refined grades of Onyx, Altheum and Diamond. The grades are: Fragment, Crude, Average and Quality.

Risky Business

Upgrading equipment is not without its risks, though. As you increase your equipment higher and higher, you run the risk of failing to enhance. Failure to enhance can mean losing one or more levels of enhancement, or breaking the equipment that you’re trying to enhance. Using Item Protection Jellies will prevent your equipment from breaking, but you still are taking a risk whenever you attempt to enhance an item.


How to Craft                                                                                                                    

First Things First

You can craft an item through a Blacksmith. You can craft 6 different types of items; Gear Sets, Suffix Equipment, Technique Accessories, Gifts , Lustres and Suffix Materials.

Crafting requires crafting materials and gold, but your rewards can be priceless.

That Really Grinds My Gears

Gear Sets are incredibly powerful sets of Epic or Unique Equipment that grant bonuses for wearing matching items. The more pieces of a set you are wearing, the greater the bonus.

To craft Gear Sets, you must collect materials from more advanced dungeons, such as Nests.

Suffix It Up

Suffix Equipment grant unique abilities that can turn the tide of any battle. Suffix abilities trigger when attacked or attacking, depending on whether it is a piece of Suffix Armor or a Suffix Weapon. Suffix abilities can also be a vital way to regain life, and are sought after by any serious PVP player.

In order to craft a Suffix Equipment, you need a Rare, Epic or Unique piece of equipment, a Mutagen (Which can be found in Nests or Dungeons) and Magic to Rare quality Crafting items.

Don’t Sweat the Technique

Technique Accessories are Necklaces, Earrings and Rings that have been infused with Technique Fragments. Technique Fragments can be found in the various Chaos Rift Dungeons.

Technique abilities will boost one major stat randomly, and more importantly, will increase the stat level of a specific Skill. Technique Abilities are a vital way to increase Skills without wasting SP.

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Increasing Friendship levels with NPCs is a great way to make a little money and get some valuable Lustres at the same time.

To craft a Gift, you must collect lesser gifts, and then combine them at the Blacksmith. These enhanced Gifts will boost your Friendship level in no time flat.

Serious Bling

If you find yourself lacking in Lustres, you should be on the lookout for Octagonal Water. Crafting Lustres requires lesser versions of Lustre and Octagonal water, but it’s a great way to clear your inventory of materials that are no longer useful.

Needful Things

Blacksmiths will also allow you to Craft Suffix Materials, which can be used to make Suffix Equipment. You can craft Suffix Materials the same way you craft Lustres; with Octagonal Water and lesser versions of the Suffix Materials.

A Helpful Hand

 Be sure to click the Craft Helper if you're crafting a specific item. The Craft Helper will give you an indicator when you have acquired all the needed items for crafting a piece of equipment.

How to Activate Hidden Abilities

Hidden Amongst Us

Hidden abilities are skills that exist within all Magic, Rare and Epic Equipment and accessories. Hidden Abilities are not dependent on Enhancement levels or Suffixes.

You can use a Spark to unlock the Hidden Ability of an item. Magic Sparks apply Hidden Abilities to Magic Equipment, Rare Sparks apply Hidden Abilities to Rare items and Epic Sparks apply Hidden Abilities to Epic Equipment.

Hide and Seek

Applying a Spark to a piece of equipment will unlock a random Stat Bonus. If you don’t like the Stat, you can apply another Spark to the equipment to unlock a different bonus. Be careful, though. Once you apply a skill to a piece of equipment, the skill will be applied, and you will have to pay a hefty amount to keep the new Hidden Ability from being applied.

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