Dragon Nest Digest - Vol. 4: Customizing Your Character

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Building a Better Character: Part 2

Why Should I Use Crests?

No Crest for the Wicked

Crests are a vital, yet easy to miss form of character customization. Crests are a great way to take your stats to the next level.

The Basics, Basically

Crests are items that can be applied to your character’s Crest slots. A Crest will be permanently consumed when it is applied to your Crest slot, but once it has been applied, it will stay until you remove it.

In many dungeons, or in certain special items, you can find items called Plates. You can take these plates to Stashy, Bailey and Hernandez and give them certain Lustres, and in return, they will create a Crest for you.

Crests come in 3 rarities; Magic, Rare and Epic, just like most items. The rarity of a Crest corresponds to the quality the Stat bonus the Crest grants.


Level to Level

Starting at level 10, you will start to unlock Crest slots.

Your Crest slots are located on the Crest tab of your Character Menu (Hotkey: P).

The first 2 types of slots you unlock are Enhancement Slots, which will allow you to enhance 1 particular type of stat, such as Strength, Defense, Max HP and more.

At level 16, you get your first Skill Crest slot. Skill Crests will enhance one specific trait of a particular Skill, such as the amount of Damage it deals, the Skill’s cooldown, the Skill’s MP Cost and more. When creating a Skill Crest, you are often given a chance to choose between 2 different bonuses.

With both Skill and Enhancement Crests, you can only equip one crest for each stat or Skill enhanced. Keep this in mind, as there are numerous versions of every Crest.

Best of the Nest

Your center Crest slot will allow you to equip a Nest Skill Crest. Nest Skill Crests will allow you to learn a new Skill that comes directly from a Nest Boss. These skills have varying effects, so make sure you research them all to find the one best suited to your character’s needs.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Crest Slot

You will get 13 Crest Slots from leveling up. Many players will find that these are enough to run most Dungeons on Normal or Hard. However, more difficult Dungeons or Nests require even greater stats. There is an item in the Dragon Vault, called the Hidden Crest Slot Pass, which will allow you to apply 3 of any type Crest. This pass will last for 30 days, so make sure to keep it renewed.

Why Should I Use a Costume?

Looking Good, Feeling Good

One of the most popular types of items in the Dragon Vault, Costumes are the best way to make your character stand out. Not only do they make you look cool, they can also provide a great enhancement to your character’s stats.

One Piece or a la Carte?

Costumes come in 2 varieties; One piece, which will offer moderate stats, but a singular look, or individual pieces, which offer a far greater level of customization. The advantage of One piece costumes it that they can be equipped at level 1, as opposed to normal Costumes, which can be equipped from level 15 to level 30.

Putting Together Your Look

There are 12 different Costume slots, which let you customize the look of everything from your hat to your Weapon.

Costumes are available in the Dragon Vault, however, certain pieces, like Wings, Tails and Spirits, can also be found in Dragon Eggs.

Just like most items, Costumes come in different rarity levels; Normal, Magic and Rare. There rarer the costume, the better the stats.

Mixing it Up

Costume Synthesis Tablets are a great way to mix up your wardrobe. These items can be found in the Dragon Vault, and will allow you to take two Costumes of the same slot type and use them to create an entirely new Costume piece. Synthesis Tablets are also the only way to create Rare Costumes, the crown jewel of any Dungeon Fighter’s closet.

What Other Customizations are Available?

Wellspring has Sprung

Wellsprings are temporary items that grant you stats or protection from certain hazards in Nests. Wellsprings can be found in the Furious Mezzanine, or by beating most Nests.

Pets R Us

Pets are a great way to add a little flavor to your character. They can enhance your stats, collect gold and items for you, and they are sooooo cute.

There are 2 varieties of Pets; Poochums and Cats. The differences between the 2 are purely cosmetic. Each pet type has a version that enhances physical attacks, and one that enhances magic attacks.

You can also equip cosmetic items to your pet, allowing for further customization.

A pet will remain active for 30 days, after which you can buy a Pet Alicorn from the Dragon Vault that will allow it to fight alongside it for another 30 days. Pets level along with you, so make sure to keep your favorite pet active as much as possible.

Put on Your Game Face

When you create a new Character, you can choose the character’s base costume, hair style, hair color, facial expression, eye color and skin tone If you want to change things up, you can always get new hair styles, expressions and skin tones. You can also find skin and hair tones in the Dragon Egg.

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