Dragon Nest Digest - Vol. 5: Farming, Fishing and Cooking

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Farming Fishing and Cooking

Growing Your Skill Tree

At level 24, you will receive a remote quest directing you to Irene. Once you have a brief chat with her, you will be directed to go to Saint’s Haven. Once you reach the big city, open the System menu, then click the Select Channel button. You will see a tab on the left of the Channel List labeled “Farm”. You can probably guess what this leads to.

Pro-Tip: You can only reach the Farm channels in Saint’s Haven, so if you don’t see the channels, you’re probably in the wrong town!

Old Man Maury Has a Farm

In addition to the standard cows, chickens and the like, Old Maury has vast fields and rivers that are just begging to be exploited.

In addition to the various florae and faunae on the farm, you can also find Mose, the Storage guy, and Cox the affable Marketplace master. You’ll also find Old Man Maury, who holds the quests that will teach you 3 invaluable skills: Farming, Fishing and Cooking.

Each one of these skills supports the other, in a triangle of power that leaves you with some awesome items.

Master Chef

Mastering the fine art of cooking is the key to unlocking some of the most valuable restorative, defensive and offensive items in Dragon Nest.

Cooking requires a number of Utensils, Ingredients, and Recipes to craft your scrumptious meals.

Utensils and Recipes can be purchased from Maury, and Ingredients range from simple items that drop in dungeons to fish and vegetables harvested from fields.

Cooking levels ups, so you’ll have to start with simple recipes and repeatedly cook them to learn more advanced recipes.

One of the most vital recipes is the Apple Juice of Life, which can allow you to resurrect in the Green or Sea Dragon Nests. You can also learn recipes that will allow you to temporarily increase your physical and magical damage, your elemental resistance and more.

Fishing for Complements

Fishing requires 3 things: a fishing pole, bait and patience. It also requires a suitable fishing area, which can only be found in Maury’s Farm fields. There are 4 Fishing Holes on every Public Farm, each one with its own assortment of Magic, Rare and Epic fish.

You can choose to auto-fish, which will allow you to cast your line and wait for the fish to bite or fish manually, by pressing and holding the left mouse key to keep your fishing gauge in the sweet spot. Manual fishing requires a bit more skill, but it can substantially reduce the amount of time you spend fishing.

Basic Fishing poles and bait can be purchased from Maury, but expert anglers would be wise to pick up a Tough Fishing Rod and Marvelous Bait from the Dragon Vault, as these 2 items combined will increase your auto-fishing skills by 50% and your success at catching fish by 10%.

Garden Variety

Farming is a great way to spend your time away from the hassles and dragons of Altera. In order to farm, you need a Sickle, a Watering Can and Seeds, all of which can be purchased from Maury. Each one of these tools is needed to complete the three-step process of harvesting crops. Initially, you will only be able to plant level 1 seeds, but as you progress, you will be able to level up your farming skill, and plant higher level seeds.

The first step to farming is to find a plot of land. You may want to hop around the public farm channels a few times to find an empty spot, but if you don’t, there are always a few spots open in the center of the farm. Use the Find Location button on the Farm Board to track down the perfect place to plant your crop.

If you want to make sure that you always have ample plots to farm on, purchase a Bonus Farm Pass, which will grant you one additional plot of land for 30 days.

After finding the right spot, you must click on the mound of dirt and select which seeds to plant. You can also purchase Growth Accelerator from the Dragon Vault, which will speed up the process of any crop planted.

Your crop will sprout once its timer reaches zero, but like any plant, it will need water to survive. Be careful when timing your watering, because if your H20 meter hits zero, your crop cannot be harvested.

Once your crop is ready, make sure you have your Sickle, and click on the crop to harvest it. Once harvested, all crops are directly moved to your Crop Granary (AKA: Maury). Be careful not to let your crops sit in the Granary for too long, because they will eventually rot, and disappear forever.

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