Dragon Nest Digest - Vol. 7: Level 25 to 60

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The Road to level 60: Part 1

When You Mess With the Bull…

Once you hit level 24, things start heating up. You now have 2 options; Starting you quests in Saint’s Haven, or finding a party for Minotaur Nest.

Minotaur Nest is a bit of a departure from the normal dungeon/quest cycle. The standard enemies are closer to what you would find in an abyss dungeon, but the bosses require far more cunning to take down. Going solo is not going to be an option, so try and find a higher level player, or a talented group to run you through.

You’ll need a few runs to gather enough Minotaur Horns, Hooves and Leather to craft the Level 24 Elf Queen Epic gear, but the boost to your stats will be well worth it.

When the Saints Go Marching In

Saint’s Haven offers all the amenities of Carderock Pass in a far larger area.  You’ll find many side quests, but the bulk of your quests will require you to speak with the Royal Court in the Castle in the center of town.

At this point, you will want to either abandon or complete the side quests for Carderock pass, but make sure that your main quest is complete, or you’ll be playing catch-up for a while. 

From here on out, you will get the best new gear at certain milestones. Level 24, 30, 40, 50 and 60 gear sets are gained through nests, so make sure you keep your current gear enhanced, and try to add Suffixes and Hidden Abilities at Belin, the town Blacksmith.

Barbarians at the Gates

The two questing areas for Saint’s Haven are located to the North and South of the town.
There is quite a bit of geography separating the 2 gates, so familiarize yourself with the locations of the town Royal Guardsmen, who can transport you to any location instantly.

As before, try to get chunks of main and side quests completed at the same time. As you get to higher levels, you will find it necessary to grind more, but save that for a time when you have completed all available quests.

Coming Down the Mountain

Black Mountain Path contains 2 dungeon hubs, Black Sovereign Gates and Lonely Forest Path, along with entrances to Cerberus Nest, Apocolypse Nest and Chaos Rift. Cerberus Nest and Chaos Rift cannot be accessed until level 32, and Apocalypse Nest cannot be accessed until 40, so it’s best to ignore them for now.

Initially, Black Sovereign Gates will be your go-to Dungeon Hub, but the entire region will carry you to around level 40.

Sea to Shining Sea

Port Hermalte has a larger variety of dungeons, with 3 dungeon hubs, and gate to Black Mountain Path and a gate to both Manticore and Sea Dragon Nest, neither of which can be accessed before level 40.

You’ll find yourself with a number of quests in both Port Hermalte and Black Mountain Path, especially before you reach level 40, so be sure to plan ahead, and always group up your quests.

The Hair of the Dog

Level 32 offers you a new opportunity for getting better gear. The Cerberus Epic Set, like the Elf Queen set before, requires 2 different materials that can only be found in Cerberus Nest, but in addition, it also requires a third material for each piece of gear. This means that you will probably have to run Cerberus Nest more times than Minotaur Nest to gather enough materials for a full set. 

If you find yourself a few pieces of material shy, you can always purchase some from the Marketplace. Nest crafting materials are usually in supply, but the prices do tend to be steep.

Swamp Things

At level 40, you can say goodbye to the scenic town of Saint’s Haven, and hello to the dank swamp of Lotus Marsh. Lotus Marsh is a bit smaller than Saint’s Haven, and there are a few services that can only be had by travelling back to the royal capital. Lotus Marsh does have the essentials, though: Mail, Storage, Crests, Blacksmithing, travel to other towns and Class Trainers can all be found in the Marsh.

Generation Nest

Once you reach level 40, your options for gear acquisition are getting more varied. You can now craft 2 different sets of level 40 Epic gear. The Apocalypse Nest set provides a hearty bonus to HP and MP, whereas the Manticore Nest Set provides a decent bonus to your class’ primary stats.

If you can find a willing group, you can also challenge your first Dragon Aspect; Leviatha, the Sea Dragon. Be forewarned, though, the Sea Dragon Nest is a raid dungeon, and requires in-depth knowledge of the patterns of the bosses and expert coordination. It’s worth the effort though, as it rewards a Unique set of gear that can be enhanced further by finishing later Dragon Nests.

Muck Diving

Liverwort Marina is the only field area for Lotus Marsh. There are 6 dungeon hubs that will take you from level 40 to level 60.

You’ll start off questing in Liverwort Ruins and Path of Amplar. These dungeons are fairly straight-forward, and your leveling will ramp up as you take the multitude of Daily Quests from Kiwi, the twee little vendor in town.

You should find leveling past 40 to be considerably speedier, and before you know it, you’ll be ready for your next milestone at level 45.

Post Graduate Studies

At level 45, you can accept your second specialization quest line from your class trainer. This is a very important step in your character’s life, and definitely one you will want to take as soon as possible. Each class has their own quest line, but they all culminate in a one-on-one with an eerie doppelganger that will give you a chance to try either or both of your second specialization before committing to one.

Your second Specialization will give you access to powerful upgrades to lesser skills, in addition to punishing new skills.

Nest on the List

Level 50 unlocks Titan’s Nest, Bishop’s Nest and Green Dragon Nest.  All Nests can be accessed from the Garden of Eternity Nexus in Saint’s Haven. 

As with the level 40 Nests, Green Dragon is far more of a challenge than Titan or Archbishop Nests, but the rewards are far more fruitful. Also, keep in mind that the Green Dragon Nest gear requires the equivalent Sea Dragon gear to be crafted. In other words, level 50 is still a good time to find a Sea Dragon raid group.

The Final Stretch

Your leveling for 45 to 60 is fairly straight forward. Grind and quest away in Liverwort Ruins until you hit 50, and then continue Daily, Side and Main Quests in Crash Site. If you’re geared appropriately, try running your dungeons in Master difficulty to speed up your leveling. Finding a high level guild is another great way to speed things up. 

Try and ignore Abyss level difficulty quests, as they will often be too difficult or time-consuming for the EXP payoff.

Level Cap

Once you hit level 60, take a deep breath, pat yourself on the back, and get ready for end-game. Dragon Nest is a constantly evolving game, and there are already a plethora of challenges awaiting you at level 60. But for now, congratulations. You’ve earned it!

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