[Update] Lv. 60 Nest Challenge

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The permanent title rewards have been sent out. Thank you for your patience.


All free Quality Diamond Sparks have been distributed. Unfortunately, we have to delay the delivery of the permanent title. Those who qualified for the permanent title will receive a Dragon Egg as compensation for this delay. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we will let you know when the title is sent.


All free Quality Onyx Sparks have been distributed.

Typhoon Krag and Professor K. are terrorizing any adventurer who unwittingly stumbles into one of their nests unprepared, and it’s up to you to stop them! Take on these bullies during the Lv. 60 Nest Challenge and claim some Quality Sparks and a permanent Title for your bravery!

Part 1
Date: 6/20 - 7/02
Details: Clear Typhoon Krag's Nest on normal mode
Reward: 1x Quality Onyx Spark (Unique) 

*Reward will be distributed starting 07/03

Part 2
Date: 7/03 - 7-16
Details: Clear Professor K's Nest on normal mode
Reward: 1x Quality Diamond Spark (Unique)

*Reward will be distributed starting 07/17

Details: Clear BOTH nests during the designated times
Reward: "The Meteorologist" Permanent title (Phys/Magic Dmg+60, Str/Agi/Int/Vit+40, Critical+350, MaxHP+1000)

*Reward will be distributed starting 07/17

Go show those bullies who’s boss!

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