Crazy Summer Event

Views 25301   Date 7/17/2013

Crazy hot, crazy difficult, crazy fun. The Crazy Summer Event is the perfect way to start your summer off crazy! Cool off with the Cool Ice Box and collect the letters to spell summer to stock up on Costumes and Pet Accessories.

Daily Log in Event

Every day you log in counts! Log in consecutively to watch your rewards snowball. You’ll start out by getting 1 Cool Ice Box per day, but if you manage to log in every day without fail, you’ll be racking up 4 boxes a day by the end of the event! The Cool Ice Box contains goodies like Ice Cream, Life-giving Essences, and even the coveted M you’ll need to complete the Summer Event Quest.


Summer Event Quest

Gather all the letters of SUMMER to get Costumes and Pet Accessories.


You can get S, U, E, and R by finding and destroying Crazy Quackums all over Altera, and you can get M’s in the Cool Ice Box.


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