Summer of Surprises - Epic Rumble

Views 16396   Date 7/23/2013

Sometimes, a helping hand is all it takes to turn the tide of battle in your favor. It’s been a while, but we’re bringing back the Epic Rumble as part of our Summer of Surprises Event!


Today, Tuesday, July 23rd, you’ll get the best help possible as the GMs hoist their weapons and step into the Guild Rumble.


Leviatha Server:

“Merged” Servers:



-      The Epic Rumble will run from 4PM to 6PM (Pacific) on July 23rd.

-      GMs will create a private PvP room and will announce the password starting 4PM.

-      GMs will play on opposing teams.

-      Hordes of monsters will spawn to try and take both teams down.

-      The matches will be “unequalized”.


Choose your side carefully, and don’t let your GM down!

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