Desert Dragon Nest Clear Event

Views 21862   Date 10/22/2013

So yeah, the Desert Dragon's story is kind of a sad one. And yeah, hearing her tale kind of makes you want to join the Dragon Cultists (don't, they're not who they seem to be). But you know you're going to slay the Desert Dragon over and over again for drops anyway, so here's some added incentive to be the first group to down her.

The first party of up to 8 players to legitimately clear the Desert Dragon Nest between October 22nd, 2013 and November 20th, 2013 will get the following rewards:

      - One pair of Guardian Dragon Wings per party member.

      - A permanent "Desert Dragon Slayer" title.
          -  Phys/Magic Damage +65
          -  Str/Agi/Vit +50
          -  Max HP/MP +500

      - $800 dollars in scales (to be split evenly amongst the party, so $100 each)

To see the rules of this event, click here.

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