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Player Hot Issues: Special DWC Edition

Views 14366   Date 11/1/2013

(Note: This mini edition of the Player Hot Issues focuses on one topic. We will be releasing the October Player Hot Issues soon.)

Hey Dragon Nest Adventurers,

Earlier this month, Cherry Credits, the publisher of Dragon Nest in South East Asia, announced that the Dragon Nest World Championship (“DWC”) was going to be held later this year in Shanghai, China. A lot of our players have been wondering whether or not Nexon America would be participating, so we wanted to take the time now to address some of the questions and concerns that have come up.

Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that the North American service of Dragon Nest will not be participating in the 2013 DWC. We really wanted to be a presence in the first ever DWC (how can it be a World Championship without us??) but there were many factors that lead to our decision to decline the invitation.


So why is Dragon Nest North America not participating in the 2013 DWC?

The single greatest factor was the timing. Although a video popped up months ago forecasting a DWC, there were no specifics or details given on when or where the DWC would be held. Furthermore, our region did not even have the DWC mode in game.  

By the time full details were disclosed to us, we simply did not have the time or resources needed to (1) translate and incorporate the DWC mode into our game, (2) sufficiently market the event, (3) find the winning team (and alternates, should anyone on the winning team not have the requisites needed for international travel), (4) and secure the documents needed for international travel to the People’s Republic of China.


But I saw that the USA was listed as participating in the DWC in one of the "official" announcements?

Sadly, this was a mistake made by another service region. At the time this video was released we had not been informed of any details of the event and had not agreed to participate. We reached out to our partners and informed them they had inadvertently misrepresented us, but unfortunately the damage had been done. Once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever… We sincerely apologize for this mistake and the confusion it caused. Please also remember that although the event is publicized as a “World Championship,” only Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore are participating.


Does this mean that Dragon Nest North America will not be participating in future international or real-life tournaments?

No, our decision to abstain from the 2013 DWC is not an indication that we will not participate in future domestic or international events. As stated above, Nexon America was fully on board to participate in the 2013 DWC had it been logistically feasible to do.  While we do not have any big news on 2014 events, check back on for all official announcements.


Even though we will not be participating in the 2013 DWC, we wish all participating players the best of luck, and hope that this event is a run-away success!

-The Dragon Nest Team

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