[Updated] Celebrate the Year of the Horse

Views 24992   Date 1/16/2014

**UPDATE 1/30**
As of 1/29, 4,962 races have been run!

**UPDATE 1/24**

We are happy to announce that, as of 1/22, we have had 3,078 races completed, absolutely shattering our original goal of 1,000! 

To commemorate this achievement, we will be tripling the number of mounts that we're going to be giving out from the raffle.

We will also now be sending all accounts who complete or have completed a race 1 free Dragon Egg, which will be sent to their account Special Storage, on 2/5.

We will also kick off a week of Monster Kill EXP from 1/25 to 1/31!


2014 is the Year of the Horse, the noblest and most dignified of animals. To celebrate, we're hosting several racing events from January 16th through February 2nd. Gallop through a death-defying course for your chance to win a veritable feast of prizes, including a mount for you to take home and ride around town.

We're off to the races! Come on down and show off your equestrian skills.

Bloodshot Derby
Win 25 Arena Races and you'll snag a pair of Blue Archangel Wings and get a shot at taming your very own Arc Bloodshot mount. Only one mount will be distributed, so make sure you get yourself in the raffle!

How: Place 1st place in 25 Arena Races
Reward: 30-Day Blue Archangel wings & entry in the Arc Bloodshot Mount raffle

Phantom Grand Prix
Still not satisfied? Win 50 Arena Races and you'll bag yourself a pair of White Archangel Wings, plus be entered into a raffle for the super, super, SUPER rare Phantom Mount. One and only one Phantom will be given away, so you do not want to miss out!

How: Place 1st place in 50 Arena Races
Reward: Permanent White Archangel Wings & entry in the Phantom Mount raffle

NOTE: Winning 50 races disqualifies users from the Bloodshot Derby- you can only enter in one of the two raffles, so choose wisely.

Thoroughbred Rewards
If a thousand Arena Races are completed by all players, a 100% monster kill bonus will take affect for one week. We'll also triple the number of winners in our two mount raffles and give every account that won the Arena Races one Dragon Egg for FREE. Hooray!

Be sure to check in to the Dragon Nest site regularly between January 17th and 31st to see how many races have been completed.

Seabiscuit ain't got nothin' on a Phantom mount! Head on down to the Arena and start racin'.

- Rewards are limited to one character per account.
- Only one character per account can receive the Wing rewards and only one character can be entered in a raffle.
- Rewards will be deposited in the account’s Special Storage.
- All rewards will be distributed starting February 5th, 2014.

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