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Player Hot Issues - Special Edition: Dec 2013/Jan 2014

Views 13917   Date 1/31/2014

Hi Everyone,

This is Jeff Charvat, Executive Producer at Nexon America.

Last December, I shared with you that members of Nexon America were visiting the developers of Dragon Nest at Eyedentity games. The goal of our meeting was to collaboratively find ways to improve the overall player experience of the game.

Within days of putting up this post, hundreds of players submitted their feedback and ideas as to how to improve the Dragon Nest experience. The thread now has 274 replies to it; and I want you to know that we have read each and every one of them.

This Dev Blog is dedicated to addressing not only the top ideas submitted by the Community in response to my post in December, but also the top issues brought up in the January Player Hot Issues thread.

Why is the North American version of Dragon Nest so far behind the Korean version?

This was by the far the most asked question in response to the thread I started in December.

Publishing a game is much more in depth and intricate than just translating the text from Korean to English and hiring voice actors. A lot goes into determining which content should be released when and what is of most interest to our players. One of the other territories expedited this process to close the gap, and unfortunately, it didn’t have the desired effect. That being said, Nexon and Eyedentity are working to close the content gap between the Korean and North American versions. We are aiming to only be 3 months behind by late 2015.

What is being done to combat lag and disconnections?
This was the second most brought up issue in both my thread and the January Player Hot Issues thread. Everyone here at Nexon understands how critical this issue is and we are working tirelessly to pinpoint the problem(s) and improve the player experience.

As for what’s been done recently, in January, changes were made to how Super Armor and Invincibility values are read in the PvP arena. We are still in the process of evaluating these changes and whether or not they had a measurable effect on our players. With respect to what we have planned in the near future, we are implementing more robust logging on our backend services to help pinpoint the problem. Once we have a better idea of where the problem is being introduced, we will apply whatever resources and expenses required to resolve the issue. If you have noticed anything that would help us narrow down when the game lags and doesn’t lag then please share it.

Please rest assured that your experience in Dragon Nest is extremely important to us at Nexon. And although all of the changes may not be transparent to you, we are actively working on this issue. We appreciate your continued patience as we work through this issue.

Will there be a class rebalancing?
As of right now, there are no plans for a class rebalance. But that’s not to say that it can’t or won’t happen in with a future update!

Can NX items be made tradable?
We’ve discussed making NX items tradable between players as well as between characters on the same account, but at this moment, we have not come to a final decision as to whether or not NX items will be made tradable.

Can we get less repetitive game events?
Many of you mentioned that game events have become repetitive, and we’ve taken that to heart. A forum thread was started asking for your input on what types of events you would like to see hosted. The thread is going strong with almost 300 event suggestions – some of them are really interesting and creative! Although we cannot promise to implement all of them, we have read through them all and are working off of a few of the ideas. Please let us know how you’re enjoying the current event, “Triple Crown Arena Race,” and whether or not this type of event is something you’d like to see more of.

I am confident that together we’ll continue to improve our experiences while playing Dragon Nest. As always, keep that feedback coming!


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