Winter Games Come to Altera!

Views 18104   Date 2/6/2014

Wintertide may be over but the snow is falling harder than ever. Blizzards sure are chilly, but they can be a lot of fun. There are so many fun activities to do... poochum sled racing, poochum curling, poochum figure skating... the list goes on!

So venture out into that chilly air and take part in the 2014 Alteran Winter Games! From Friday February 7th through Sunday February 23rd, represent your home nation by competing in Free For All matches (both user-created and Endless). Only one nation can claim the gold medal, so fight hard, and fight with honor!

Every account from the winning nation will receive 25 Goddess's Medals. 2nd Place will receive 15 Goddess's Medals, and 3rd place will receive 10 Medals. Everyone deserves an award for participation, so members of nations that didn't place will still receive 5 Medals.

Rewards will be distributed starting Sunday, March 2nd. If over 5,000 matches are completed, all rewards will be doubled! Now that's an incentive!

In addition, we're giving out exclusive hats to help you show off your team pride. On February 7th all players will receive a hat sporting the flag of our friends down under, Australia. On February 12th we're giving a shout out to our fans up north with a Canadian Flag Hat, and on February 21st, the Yanks get honored with the Team USA Flag Hat. Stars and stripes!

It's time to get competitive. Play Dragon Nest and show the world which country is best.

*Note: Hats not usable with Kali class. Hats expire after 20 days.

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