Dragon Vault Update - Traditional Garbs

Views 26645   Date 2/13/2014

With the threat of Jasmine and her clones now gone, the Alteran economy has seen a serious boost. Merchants and traders are flocking to Carderock Pass and Saint's Haven, eager to show off their wares.

Dragon Egg Update

Valentine's Day is this month, and to get you in the spirit we're offering a special new set of wings. Like a thorny rose, the Fatal Red Wings are as deadly as they are beautiful. Try on a pair and feel your heart soar!

Costume Synthesis Tablet Update

The Costume Synthesis Tablet is a great item that lets you turn your old, grimy costumes into something new and flashy. This month, the tablet has been updated with new rare costumes that will ruffle the feathers of orcs and goblins everywhere. If there's anything an orc hates more than anything, it's a good fashion sense.

To learn more about the Costume Synthesis Tablet, click here.

Brand New Lv. 15 Magic Costume

Perhaps you're looking to wear something a bit more... traditional? Then the new set of Lv. 15 Magic Costumes, based on the classic Korean Hanbok, should be right up your alley. For only 26,100 NX (a 15% Discount), you can get the whole set. You can also mix and match outfits to create your own Hanbok style!

This Valentine's Day, dress to the nines. Try out one of the new Hanbok costumes or make your own! The power of choice is yours, Adventurers.

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