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The Dragon Nest Open Beta has begun and you can find everything you need to know right here!

The Essentials:

• If you have not yet signed up for a Nexon account, click here.
• If you have not yet downloaded the Dragon Nest client, click the “Play” button on the upper left-hand side of the website or head over to our Game Download page. For step by step information, see the Getting Started guide.

When you enter the Open Beta, to enjoy the best possible game performance, please select the server that is geographically closest to your location.

• VelskudWest Coast server (recommended for players in Western US and Canada, and residents of Oceania)
• GerrantEast Coast server (recommended for players in Eastern US and Canada)
• ArgentaEast Coast server (recommended for players in Eastern US and Canada)

More Information Resources:

• Forums: Connect with other Dragon Nest fans and talk about the game!

• Guides: Get started in the world of Dragon Nest with helpful in-game information!
         o Classes: Choose your destiny.
         o Quests & Dungeons: See where to fight monsters and find treasure.
         o Townsfolk & NPCs: Meet the people who will help you become a hero.

• Customer Support: Get assistance with issues.

External Resources:

• Search this all-inclusive item database for the game’s live content!

• Discover a wealth of information on this encyclopedic site!

Dragon Nest Social Media:

Facebook: Join the Dragon Nest Facebook community for game updates, news, contests, and much more!

Youtube: Check out the latest trailers and videos on the official Dragon Nest Youtube channel.

Enjoy your time in Dragon Nest!

-The Dragon Nest Team-


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