Complete Update Notes: The Edge of Darkness

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New challenges await adventurers, as the Edge of Darkness, Daredevil Fair and the PvP Ladder open up for all players!

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Edge of Darkness: Jealous Atrium

The Rozin Sanctuary is a hidden place where the Priestesses of Darkness use ancient powers to keep the corruption of the Goddess Altea from further damaging the world. In recent days however, the seals that they use to keep the Goddess’ nightmares from seeping into the world have begun to weaken, letting untold horrors creep into reality. Now the Priestesses have put out a call for mighty adventurers to assist them in keeping the door between reality and nightmare closed. 

Accessing Rozin Sanctuary

• Players must be level 15 to access the Rozin Sanctuary.
• Players can reach the Rozin Sanctuary by selecting the [Edge of Darkness] tab on the channel list, then the [Rozin Sanctuary] channel.
• Players can enter the dungeon by getting an “Abyssal Veil” entry pass from Shea, the NPC Priestess of Darkness.
• Players may only receive two Abyssal Veils per day. One pass is used for each entrance.
• Players will not consume any Empowerment Points to access a dungeon in the Rozin Sanctuary.
• Players will not obtain any EXP in a dungeon in the Rozin Sanctuary.
• There is no penalty for leaving the stage, but players will not receive any rewards.

Jealous Atrium

• Players must be level 15 to enter the Jealous Atrium.
• Up to four players at a time may enter the Jealous Atrium.
• The dungeon is played in a series of 24 rounds.
• The goal of the dungeon is to:
a) Protect the Goddess’ statue from waves of enemies.
b) Destroy all of the monsters that appear in each round.
• After each round a “Crazy Duck” round may start. Killing Crazy Ducks will heal some of the damage taken by the Goddess statue.
• A Crazy Duck round is most likely to appear after completing a boss round.
• Players only get one life in the Jealous Atrium. A player who dies during the battle will not be able to resurrect.
• The battle ends when all party members have died.
• Rewards are given based on the number of rounds cleared.


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Come to the Faire to test your strength in challenges of skill and daring. These aren’t any ordinary carnival games, though. These games will challenge you to stay alive for the opportunity to win prizes beyond your wildest dreams!


• The Daredevil Faire is located in Carderock Pass.
• Players may win Daredevil Prize Tickets at the end of each dungeon in the Faire.
• Players may exchange Daredevil Prize Tickets with Magician Frederick for prizes.


      • Frederick’s Lustre Pouch
      • Crude Onyx Spark
      • Crude Crystal Spark
      • Crude Diamond Spark
      • Crude Reset Spark
      • Rag Doll Bunny
      • Seliana Poster
      • Limited Edition Seliana Album
      • Althea Statue
      • Chanen No. 7 Handkerchief
Faire Dungeons


• Level range: 10-31
• Single-player dungeon
• Challenge: Defeat 300 or more Goblins to clear the dungeon.
• Gobarta will not consume Empowerment points.
• Items and money do not drop during the battle. Killing Goblins does earn EXP.
• Gobarta may be cleared up to seven times per week.

Boss Rush

• Level range:
      • 10-23 for Ironwood Village and Mana Ridge
      • 4–39 for Carderock Pass.
• Single-player dungeon
• Challenge: Defeat all the bosses to clear the dungeon.
• Boss Rush will not consume Empowerment points.
• Items and money do not drop in the dungeon. The only prize is the “Daredevil Prize Ticket” given at the end of the challenge.
• Boss Rush may be up to cleared up to seven times per week.

Treasure Run

• Level range: 20-40
• One-to-four player dungeon
• Challenge: Defeat all the enemies in the Silent Cloister to clear the dungeon.
• Treasure Run will not consume Empowerment points.
• Enemies will not drop items. All enemies will drop money.
• Treasure Run may be up to cleared seven times per week.

Danger Dash

• Level Range: 20-40
• Single-player dungeon
• Challenge: Outsmart the traps within the time limit to clear the dungeon.
• Danger Dash will not consume Empowerment points.
• Danger Dash may be up to cleared up to seven times per week.

Daredevil Derby

• Level range: 10-40
• One-to-four player dungeon
• To participate: Open your [Mount] inventory and right-click on a rental horse to compete in a horse race.
• Challenge: Race against other players to win prizes.
• Daredevil Derby will not consume Empowerment points.

      • 1st place: Daredevil Golden Box
      • 2nd place: Daredevil Silver Box
      • 3rd place: Daredevil Bronze Box

• Daredevil Derby can be cleared up to three times per week.


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The new PvP Ladder system will auto-match players with similar levels and abilities to create more balanced 1v1 PvP matches.

• Battle time: Five minutes
• Participating in the Ladder system will reward players with Ratings and Ladder points.

• Rating and Ladder Points are based on a player’s wins and losses.
         • [Pts. Earned] is the actual number of “Ladder Points” that a player will earn during the ladder reset each week.
         • [Pts. Earned] will be converted to Ladder Points each Saturday at 9 AM Pacific.
         • Ladder Points can be exchanged with an NPC at the western end of the Arena for various prizes
• Leaving in the middle of a ladder match will result in a lost match.
• “Medal” rewards are not given in a ladder match.
• “Arena EXP” is not given in a ladder match.
• Ladder matches do not consume Empowerment points.


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New items are now available to help you on your Dragon Nest adventures!

• Item Protection Jelly
         • Item Protection Jelly protects your items from destruction if an enhancement fails. Note that an item can still go down in rank from a failed Item Enhancement. Jellies can also only be used when enhancing an item past +6.

• Marketplace Pass: The Marketplace Pass will grant you the following for 45 days at the Marketplace:
         • 10 extra listings.
         • Removal of the weekly listing cap.
         • A 50% discount on item listing fees.
         • Increases your listing periods to 24 hours.
         • The Marketplace will now display your listings at the top during searches.
         • The Marketplace will give your listings a special border to make them stand out.

• New Costumes!

         • Warrior
               • Brown Twinkle set
               • Blue Twinkle set
               • Pinkline Twinkle set
               • Brown Belted set
               • Bright Belted set
               • Green Belted set

         • Archer
               • Green Ranger set
               • Brown Ranger set
               • Blue Ranger set
               • Green Archer set
               • Emerald Archer set
               • Yellow Archer set

         • Sorceress
               • Slate Siren set
               • Pink Siren set
               • Black Siren set
               • Antique Grace set
               • Antique Beauty set
               • Antique Glory set

         • Cleric
               • Black Commander set
               • Beige Commander set
               • Purple Commander set
               • Blue Cleric set
               • Red Cleric set
               • White Cleric set


• The Yellow Courier Bird and the Blue Courier Bird are now untradeable. The listing fee for Courier Bird items has been refunded in the mailbox and the item listing should have expired at the Marketplace. (Although the mail suggests items have been returned to your inventory, due to the hours of maintenance all Courier Bird listings have expired and there were no returns necessary.)

• The NX Credit restrictions for the following items have been adjusted to level 20.
               • Yellow Courier Bird
               • Blue Courier Bird
               • Approval Stamp

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