Earn Bonus NX With PayByCash

Views 255417   Date 9/1/2011

Greetings players,

Looking for a convenient way to get NX Prepaid? Want to make your cash go farther? For one month only, when you use PayByCash you’ll earn bonus NX!

How to Participate

From September 16 - October 16, when you use PayByCash to charge a total of $30 or $100, at the end of the event period you’ll receive bonus NX – free! Head to the Purchase NX  page to get started.

PayByCash is a wire transfer service available worldwide. For more information about this method of payment, see the NX Guide.


September 16 – October 16


Charge a total of $30 via PayByCash and receive a bonus NX 3,000
Charge a total of $100 via PayBycash and receive a bonus NX 20,000!

Note: Bonus NX will be distributed to eligible Nexon accounts on October 19. Eligibility will be determined based on total accumulated amount charged during the event period. Every account is eligible for only one bonus, and only the highest earned bonus will be rewarded.

The Nexon Team
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