Complete Update Notes: Welcome to Saint’s Haven

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Welcome to Saint's Haven, a big city filled with bigger adventures! The latest Dragon Nest update includes the new city, a new level cap, a PvP Ladder update, the updated faction system, new stuff in the Dragon Vault and much more!

See what’s happening:


For more information about Saint’s Haven, click here.

The airship has been repaired and your story continues. Come to Saint’s Haven, the gateway to adventure! Ten new dungeons open up for exploration as you continue the epic story line. Track the Black Knight, develop friendships with new NPCs, take part in over 500 new quests and chase after 250 new Achievements!

New NPCs

• Kelly: Merchant
• Dean: Storage Keeper
• Stashy: Craft Crest & Plate Pouch Shop
• Gunther: Guild NPC
• Sorenne: Ticket Master in Saint’s Haven to Carderock Pass
• Isilien: Archer Trainer
• Rodrigo: Warrior Trainer
• Stella: Sorceress Trainer
• Enoch: Cleric Trainer
• Russell: Storage Keeper
• Erwin: Marketplace
• Ellesian: Ticket master in Carderock Pass to Ironwood Village and Mana Ridge
• Arnenne: Ticket master in Carderock Pass to Saint’s Haven
• Walter: Storage Keeper
• Belin: Blacksmith

New rewards for faction points and for daily or weekly achievements

• Honest Ed: Faction & Abyss Shop

New dungeons:

• Black Mines
      - Recommended Level: 24
      - Boss: Sulfur Hurrgak

• Black Sovereign Assembly
      - Recommended Level: 30
      - Boss: Clubby

• Black Sovereign Domain
      - Recommended Level: 26
      - Boss: Ignis

• Blackguard Stronghold
      - Recommended Level: 28
      - Boss: Hobbserian

• Desolate Isle
      - Recommended Level: 26
      - Boss: Overgrowth

• Lost Tunnels
      - Recommended Level: 28
      - Boss: Bashy

• Marissa’s Dryspring
      - Recommended Level: 30
      - Boss: Bloodshot

• River Ruins
      - Recommended Level: 28
      - Boss: Shiraq Blue Scales

• Rockthorn Gorge
      - Recommended Level: 25
      - Boss: Calx

• Submerged Ruin
      - Recommended Level: 30
      - Boss: Ruska


It’s a whole new game as the level cap is raised to 32! Every character class gets new abilities and skills, changing both PvE and PvP gameplay forever.

Each specialization will have between six and eight new skills to master:


• Acrobat
      - Somersault Dance
      - Ring Shot
      - Furious Winds
      - Counter Ring Shot
      - Spirit Boost
      - Cyclone Kick

• Sharpshooter
      - Siege Stance
      - Swift Shot
      - Sylph’s Aid
      - Ankle Shot
      - Rain of Arrows
      - Guided Missiles


• Paladin
      - Divine Vengeance
      - Charitable Zap
      - Divine Punishment
      - Elemental Aura
      - Electric Smite
      - Shield Charge
      - Iron Will

• Priest
      - Detonate
      - Blessing of Strikes
      - Cure Relic
      - Vengeance Blast
      - Holy Burst
      - Bind Relic


• Elementalist
      - Fire Shield
      - Ignite
      - Shatter
      - Ice Shield
      - Hot Rod
      - Chilling Mist

• Mystic
      - Time Stop
      - Summon Comet
      - Time Dodge
      - Force Mirror
      - Gravity Crush
      - Spectrum Ray


• Swordsman
      - Hacking Stance
      - Luring Slice
      - Counterwave
      - Crescent Cleave
      - Frenzied Charge
      - Parry Stance
      - Halfmoon Slice

• Mercenary
      - Circle Swing
      - Bombs Away
      - Whirlwind
      - Battle Howl
      - Roll Attack
      - Iron Skin
      - Empowering Howl


The Dragon Nest Faction system has been upgraded.  All new NPC's found in Saint’s Haven will have their own entries in the friendship book as well as their own quest series. Friendship has also gotten more rewarding with the addition of Honest Ed’s new Faction Shop in Saint’s Haven.

How to use the Faction system:

• NPC’s offer friendship quests, and when completed, you will become “friends” with that character. Their portrait in the friendship book will then appear in color.

• NPC’s like to receive specific items that drop in dungeons. Speak to an NPC and then select “Gift” to give them gift items from your inventory. Each gift will give you Faction points for the Faction that character belongs to.
• You may claim items from Honest Ed in Saint’s Haven with your Faction Points.


• Golden Goose Traders
      - The Golden Goose Traders are the largest and most powerful merchant faction in Altera.
      - Members: May, Belin, Kelly, Honest Ed, Erwin, and Rupert.
      - Rewards: Membership 7-Day Coupons, Rare and Epic weapons.

• Cassius Palace
      - This is the unofficial name for the web of courtiers, officials, and citizens somehow connected to the royal court and the government of the Northern Kingdom. 
      - Members: Captain Steve, Tara, Lady Kaylinn, King Cassius III, Duke Stuart, General Duglas, Tamer Lindsay, Irine, Lena, and Guardsman Joey.
      - Rewards: Rare and Epic Potential Pouches, Rare and Epic weapons.

• Free Adventurer’s League
      - This is a large but loosely knit organization that does its best to provide support for adventurers. 
      - Members: Deckard, Bailey, Kevin, Warrior Trainer Chandler, Archer Trainer Adeline, Gunther, Archer Trainer Isillien, Sorceress Trainer Stella, Cleric Trainer Enoch, and Hubert.
      - Rewards: Rare Lustre Pouches, Small/Medium Octagonal Water, Rare and Epic weapons.


The Goddess Teardrop is a reward for completing a series of daily or weekly achievements. Collect enough and you can exchange them for Epic equipment, powders, Dawn Souls, and Crude Stamps of Approval in Honest Ed’s Abyss Shop in Saint’s Haven.


The PvP Ladder league has received an update to coincide with the increased level cap.

• The required level to play on a PvP Ladder has increased from 24 to 32.
• PvP Ladder Shop rewards have been updated with level 32 gear.
• Ladder Points are reset.
• Unspent Ladder Points are compensated with Goddess Medals.


A number of new outfits and accessories have been added to the Dragon Vault. There are also new bundles available to make purchasing high frequency usage items more convenient.

For more information, click here

More bundles and more costumes! Choose and spend wisely!

• More bundles and discounts for functional items!
      - 50 Approval Stamps
      - 50/30 Item Protection Jellies

New Costumes

      - Blue Vixen set
      - Green Vixen set
      - Yellow Vixen set


      - Blue Monk set
      - Red Monk set
      - White Monk set

      - Black Court set
      - Red Court set
      - Yellow Court set

      - Black Warrior set
      - Red Warrior set
      - Rugged Warrior set

New Accessories

      - Blue Cupid Wings
      - Pink Cupid Wings

      - Flower Earrings
      - Loop Earrings

NX Credit restriction on the Approval Stamp purchase has been adjusted to level 32.





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