The Fete of All Flesh: PvP Ghoul Mode

Views 44057   Date 10/19/2011

 Think you’re different from the enemies you face in Dragon Nest? Think again. The Arena is getting frighteningly full of all-too familiar foes in the new PvP Ghoul Mode!

Silence is Not Golden

Silence is a place with a unique problem. Held by some dark force, people in the town are occasionally transformed into slavering ghouls! Since being killed by a ghoul will turn the victim into a ghoul as well, you can see that the property values in Silence have taken a turn for the worse in recent months. Now that you’ve arrived, can you survive the attacks of people you used to trust? Conversely, can you, as a new-formed ghoul, sink your teeth into all that lovely living flesh?

Accessing Silence

To access Silence, you must enter the PvP channel and select the map “Town of Silence.” Games can be created for four, eight, 12, and 16 players, and can consist of three, five, or seven rounds. 

Surviving Silence

At the beginning of each round, the town of Silence will transform one player (chosen randomly) into a ghoul. Any other player killed by the ghoul also becomes a ghoul. Play continues until the timer runs out, all the ghoul players are killed, or all the humans are transformed into ghouls. After the round is over, all players save one are transformed back into humans. The players who have won the most rounds at the end of the game are declared the winners.

Ghoul Skills

In addition to being faster and tougher than a human player, ghouls also get a variety of special skills they can use to take down humans. There are five different types of ghouls, each with its own special skills.

Lost Weapons

Silence is littered with discarded items left behind when its doomed citizens met their fate. These are now available for you to use. When you pick up an item, it becomes available for use as a new skill with a limited number of charges. When it runs out of charges, the skill disappears.

Lost items include everything from javelins to dynamite to snowballs. Some of these items have special effects. Try them out and see what happens!

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