**UPDATE** Fashion for Your Fete: Limited Edition

Views 128087   Date 10/26/2011

Fashion for your Fete

You’ve managed to fight off flesh-eating ghouls, thwart dark elves, and slice through hoards of skeleton warriors. If you want to survive your first Halloween in Dragon Nest, you’re going to need something better than your average run-of-the-mill costume. When the spooks hit this close to home, head to the Dragon Vault for the latest fashions for your fete this Halloween!

Once you’re dressed, experience a truly terrifying transformation in the new PvP Ghoul Mode, or head to Cerberus Nest to release the Hellhound!

New Looks

Whether you’re pulling it back for a better look at the monsters you’re about to flay or styling it to strut around Saint’s Haven, you’re sure to be the talk of the town with these new permanent hairstyles.

Hair - NX 4,900


   Cheerful Ponytail                 Emo Hair                     Soft Long Hair                   Back Spike
           (Archer)                         (Cleric)                        (Sorceress)                     (Warrior)

Don’t let those Innocent Faces fool you. Behind those sweet eyes is enough fire power to blow all of Saint’s Haven away!

Face - NX 4,200


   Innocent Archer Face      Innocent Cleric Face        Innocent Sorceress Face      Innocent Warrior Face

New Outfits

Looking for a frighteningly good deal? Between October 26 and November 9, you can pick up your costume in a discounted package set to receive the entire outfit with a permanent duration, plus an exclusive Small Devil Tail!


Opting for the set also gets you a special stat bonus. Scary, eh?

                     Light Succubus                                              Red Succubus

                     Shadow Succubus                                                   

                         Cold Vampire                                         Darkness Vampire

                         Ghostly Vampire                                                                               

                       Midnight Witch                                       Purple Soul Witch

                    Skull White Witch                                                   


                      Bloody Demon                                            Chaos Demon

                       Shadow Demon                                                                  

New Weapons

Fend off monsters this October with a special arsenal of Halloween-themed weapons for all classes!


             Succubus Dark Bow (Primary)
                Succubus Quiver (Secondary)                           
                   Vampire Flail (Primary)
                    Vampire Shield (Secondary)                             
            Witch Magic Broomstick (Primary)
                  Witch Spell Book (Secondary)                 
             Demon Warrior Blade (Primary)
            Demon Warrior Gauntlet (Secondary)                


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