New Wonders: The Dragon Vault Update

Views 61303   Date 11/21/2011

New Wonders

Have you ever dreamt of entering a dragon’s lair, grabbing one of its precious eggs, and dashing off to cash in on its one-of-a-kind worth? Now you can! The Dragon Vault has just received a shipment of Dragon Eggs, and they’re about to give you a shot at all sorts of extraordinary things.

Open Your Eggs!

Getting a Dragon Egg is as simple as entering the Dragon Vault in-game and purchasing one for NX 1,500. Click on the egg in your NX inventory to open it and see what you get! Contents range from basic things like Item Protection Jellies to valuable and unique items that can only be found in a Dragon Egg.

Here are some of the exclusive items available in the first shipment of Dragon Eggs:


Royal Crimson Stallion

It’s Dragon Nest’s very first mount! Imagine riding around the streets of Saint’s Haven or Carderock Pass on this little beauty!


Yellow Cupid Wings, Black Cupid Wings


Nothing says you can run rings around monsters like a pair of wings! These Cupid Wings come in yellow or black and offer a 10% movement speed bonus. Let’s get moving!

Utility Item

Scroll of Unlimited Unlearning

Itching to try some different skills on your character? Feel like you put too many points in a skill you don’t use often? With the Scroll of Unlimited Unlearning you can get all of your Skill Points refunded as many times as you want and rebuild your character any way you want absolutely free for 24 hours!

New Outfits

What are you wearing? Those clothes are so 15th century! Bring your look into a whole new era with brand new one piece costumes for all classes! One purchase gets you a hot new look from head to toe. Only available in the Dragon Vault!

(Stat bonus: STR +14, AGI +19, INT +10, VIT +6)
                     Pretty Pink Outfit                                Pretty White Outfit

                     Pretty Yellow Outfit

(Stat bonus: STR +21, AGI +5, INT +15, VIT +8)

                           Basic Blue Attire                                 Basic Golden Attire

                           Basic Yellow Attire

(Stat bonus: STR +10, AGI +14, INT +19, VIT +5)
                              Lovely Dark Get-Up                           Lovely Purple Get-Up

                              Lovely Red Get-Up

(Stat bonus: STR +21, AGI +13, INT +9, VIT +6)

                                 Nice Blue Streetwear                        Nice Pink Streetwear

                                 Nice Yellow Streetwear

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