**UPDATE** Update Preview: New Mentor System

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Congratulations to all the winners. All rewards have been distributed. Now, mentor the low level characters and get amazing prizes from the "Blackboard Jungle" Event!

Are you an experienced Adventurer who knows the world of Dragon Nest like the back of your hand? In a game as vast as ours, knowledge is a valuable weapon and an invaluable resource. The time has come for you to take that wealth and make an investment.

Introducing Dragon Nest’s all-new Mentor System!

Beginning January 18, all level 40 adventurers will be eligible to take on pupils. In return for making this investment and handing down your know-how, you’ll earn handsome rewards!

Not quite there yet? Level up by January 17 for even bigger returns!

Mentor System “Helping Hands” Event

-How to Participate-

Reach level 40 by January 17, 11:59 PM Pacific (January 18, 2:59 AM Eastern). 
If you’re already there, you’re eligible. That’s it!


·         One Dragon Egg

·         500 Dimensional fragments

·         Rare Level 40 Primary Weapon Geode Vortex (+8)

Get ready to give a hand up, a hand-out, or hand them their heads when the Mentor system and much more comes on January 18th in the Project Protégé update!


·         Prize distribution begins January 18, 2012.

·         Characters must be level 40 to be eligible for the prizes.

·         All level 40 characters within one account are elegible for the prize.

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