Feasts for Beasts: The Dragon Vault Update

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Check out the new stuff from the Dragon Vault!


They’re cute, they’re friendly, they can chew through six inches of steel in 30 seconds. They’re the deadly menagerie of pets available in Dragon Nest’s new pet system! The first four pets are ready to be adopted by someone who will care for them, love them, and clean up the bloodstains after they go to town!



         Innocent Poochum                                Trustworthy Poochum

     NX 3,300 – 30-day duration                     NX 3,300 – 30-day duration





         Innocent Bullpup Pet                            Trustworth Bullpup Pet

     NX 3,300 – 30-day duration                    NX 3,300 – 30-day duration



Pet Accessories

Once you have a pet, what’s better than dressing it up in an adorable outfit? Besides, if someone laughs at it, use the extra stats from these items to pound them into the wall!


Emergency Meat  (choice of Max HP +250 or Max MP +250)

Emergency Fish (choice of Max HP +250 or Max MP +250)

Chef Disguise (choice of Physical Damage +10 or Magic Damage +10)

Cat-ouflage (choice of Physical Damage +10 or Magic Damage +10)

Pet Items

We’re sure that once you have the experience of going through a dungeon or tearing the guts out of a pack of orcs with a pet by your side, you’re going to want the experience to continue. That’s where the Pet Alicorn comes in. This special horn can bring back pets that have exceeded their 30-day duration.



·      The Alicorn will only work on pets that have exceeded their 30-day duration.

·      Pets that exceeded their 30-day duration do not lose any progress. All experience points and other additions to a pet’s abilities will be saved and restored when the pet is revived with an Alicorn.

·      Players must be level 16 or higher to purchase an Alicorn with NX Credit.

·      Pet Alicorn (30 days) will not expire unless it's been used on pets that have exceeded their 30 day duration

o   “30 days” indicates how long the pet’s duration will be extended by.

New Hairstyles

Wow. How long have you been wearing that same old shaggy ‘do? Aren’t you ready for the new hotness? New hairstyles are available for the Archer and the Warrior along with latest in cool for the Cleric and the Sorceress, all for NX 4,900 each!



·         Stylish Short Cut



·         Emo Hair



·         Soft Long Hair



·         Wild Reggae Hair


Classic Hairstyles


Ever feel like you made a mistake when you created your character? No, not in picking your class. The amount of monster tail you kick shows you made the right choice there! We’re talking about your hairstyle! Well now you can purchase any of the hairstyles available in the character creation system for just NX 2,900!


Graceful Bobbed Hair                                Tomboy Hair



Layered Long Hair                                  Cheerful Ponytail




Asymmetric Short Hair                               Noble Long Hair



     Bowl-cut Hair                                     Natural Wavy Hair




     Double Bun Hair                                         Tied Long Hair



  Magician Twin Tail                                      Split Wavy Hair



   Wild Wolfie Hair                                    Elegant Point Hair



Bendy Shaggy Hair                               Back Spike Hair




New Costumes

Sometimes what you wear can say a lot about you. That’s why the new costumes available in the Dragon Vault are more than just hot threads that provide a stat bonus, they’re outward confirmation of who you are on the inside! Are you the willowy defender of nature like the Archer in her new Spring Dress collection? Are you a righteous defender like the Cleric in a Centurion suit? Maybe you’re the heir to generations for fighters against evil like the Warrior in his Ancestral mail. Or maybe you’re just waiting to show your wild side like the Sorceress in her Metal Devil gear. Whatever your style, the Dragon Vault has you covered!


               Alluring Spring Dress                             White Spring Dress

Scarlet Spring Dress


                 Green Centurion                                Red Centurion


                        Blue Centurion


                       Red Metal Devil                           Orange Metal Devil


                           Violet Metal Devil


                     Rage Ancestral                                Prairie Ancestral


                  Shadow Ancestral


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