Dragon Nest Pet System

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Greetings, Adventurers,

We’re proud to announce the new Dragon Nest Pet System, brought to you by Super Slop™!

Super Slop™ - What killer pets are made of!

With the Dragon Nest Pet System, you’ll be able to get yourself a loyal companion that will follow you around virtually everywhere. These pets provide valuable stat bonuses and can even assist you in battle! With Dragon Nest pets, nothing is out of reach!

Please ignore the smell though. Our sponsor Super Slop™ assures us that it has nothing to do with the Super Slop™ we keep feeding them.

Getting Your Pet:

Pets are available through the new “Pet” tab in the Dragon Vault. In order to purchase a pet, your character needs to be higher than level 16 to purchase the pets with NX credit.

Once you’ve purchased your pet, you merely need to open your inventory window and click on the new “Mount & Pets” tab.

Right-click on a pet icon to open a window that will allow you to name your new pet. Press enter to choose the name.

Pet names can have a maximum of eight characters.

Pet Stats

One of the best reasons to own a pet is the positive effect it has on an adventurer. Besides the morale boost, pets actually improve an adventurer’s basic stats! To check out your pets stats, including its level and the bonuses it’s currently imparting, simply click the new “Pets” tab on the Character window.


-      As a pet rises in level, it will impart more stat bonuses to its owner. Click the “More” button to see your pet’s current stat bonus.

-      Click the “Settings” button to adjust your pet’s current abilities settings.

-      Click the “Dismiss” button to put the pet back into your inventory.


Customize Your Pet:

Admit it, you’re a “pet parent.” Who wouldn’t want to make their pet as fierce (or adorable) and savage (or adorable!) as possible? Fortunately the Dragon Vault has you covered with all sorts of customizations that will make your pet look as scary (or, yes, adorable) as you want – while providing stat boosts as well!


Super Slop™ reminds you: Keep your pet a killer! Only feed them Super Slop.™



What are you waiting for? Star the game now!


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