[Completed] Dragon Nest Spring Break Event

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Congratulations to the winners of the Spring Break event! Check out the winning pictures on our Facebook Wildfire page.

Spring Break is almost here and the people of Altera are past due for a little fun in the sun. From March 13th – April 8th, 2012, take a vacation from cracking evil skeletons heads and fill up that photo album with pictures of yourself having a blast!

Take a picture of your character on Spring Break vacation and send it to us for a chance to win fabulous prizes! Submit your most exciting vacation pictures to our Facebook page and we’ll have a vote to decide the winner.


One Grand Prize winner will get all of the following great prizes!

·      The power to choose one week-long in-game event that will be named after them

o   50% Bonus EXP for a week

o   50% Drop Rate for a week

o   25% Bonus EXP + 25% Drop Rate for a week

·      Their photo featured on the April 13th edition of the Dragon Nest Weekly

·      15,000 scales


The three top-voted runners-up will also get some scales to spend in the Cash Shop!

·      2nd Place - 15,000 Scales

·      3rd Place - 10,000 Scales

·      4th Place -  5,000 Scales



To enter:

·      Take a screenshot of your character on vacation. This can be anywhere in the world OR in game

·      Post the image on our Facebook Wildfire page.

·      From April 9th – April 12th, vote for your favorite submissions!

·      The photo with the highest votes will be awarded the Grand Prize.

·      The three photos with the next highest votes will be awarded 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.

·      Winners will be announced on April 13th.

·      Scales will be distributed starting April 13th.

Now’s your chance to break out the camera and enjoy yourself! Have a quaint breakfast in Ironwood Village, go shopping in Saint’s Haven, or enjoy the babbling brooks at Crystal Stream. Don’t you deserve a little rest?

It’s time to have some fun! Start the game now!

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