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Fiftyyears from now, the world's on the brink of destruction. The Gold Dragon and other heroes have been slaughtered, and the land is covered in darkness. The world's last hope is a brainy scientist named Jasmine, who has concocted one last desperate scheme: she's going to send her sister, the Tinkerer, into the past to alter the critical events that have led the world to this fate.

But when the Tinkerer arrives in present-day Mana Ridge, she finds herself mysteriously transformed into a little girl. Will she be able to find the Prophet and save the world while trapped in the body of a 12-year-old?

  • The brilliant yet clumsy Tinkerer uses weapons like cannons and bubble blasters to hit enemies from a distance.
  • The Tinkerer's brought an army with her! She's got a robot bodyguard, gobs of sentient goo, and an army of mecha-quackums at her beck and call.
  • At level 15, the Tinkerer can become an Engineer and dominate the battlefield with an array of advanced robots and gadgetry.
  • Or the Tinkerer can become an Alchemist and control the flow of combat with status effects, heals, and elemental attacks!
  • Main Class: Tinkerer

    The Tinkerer is versatile. She uses missiles and rockets for good ol' fashioned damage, chemical attacks to cripple enemies, and her robot bodyguard to lay on the hurt!

    The Tinkerer can do a little bit of everything, making her excellent on her own or as part of a party.

  • Specialization 1: Engineer

    When the Tinkerer specializes as an Engineer, she can command a vast arsenal of rockets, turrets, and robots. The sound of the "kaboom!" always makes her grin.

  • Specialization 2: Alchemist

    If the Tinkerer chooses to specialize as an Alchemist, she gives up the heavy guns and fights with goo and bubbles instead. She's great in a support role and can turn the tide of battle with her toxins and tonics.

  • Main Class: Tinkerer
    • She adores cannons and bubble blasters. Not only do they let her pelt enemies from afar, she loves how gadget-y they are!
    • If an enemy gets too close, she whacks 'em with a giant hammer or scorches them under a giant magnifying glass.
    • When things get dire, she calls her giant robot bodyguard, the trusty Alfredo, to help her out. Alfredo moves and attacks on his own, keeping monsters off her back.
    • When she needs a pick-me-up, the Tinkerer can summon an automatic food dispenser that spits out power-ups and healing items. "Never battle on an empty stomach!" she always says.
  • Specialization 1: Engineer
    • As an Engineer, she can supercharge her robot bodyguard Alfredo with special skill boosts.
    • She can also summon mecha-quackums and order them to man turrets, swarm enemies, and even self-destruct. "Quack, quack, boom!"
    • Her rockets and grenades rain fire on enemies, doling out damage and status effects over wide areas.
  • Specialization 2: Alchemist
    • As an Alchemist, she knows exactly what to do with enemies who won't leave her alone: put them to sleep or inject them with poison.
    • She's also a great healer, able to shower allies with healing salves and boost her party's strength with prescription cocktails. "Why pay a doctor when you've got me?"
    • When it's time to bring the pain, she infuses her goo minions with fire or ice to deal widespread elemental damage!
  • Alfredo

    "Who needs human friends when you can build a robot bodyguard?" the Tinkerer has mused in some of her more reflective moments. Her best bud is Alfredo, a big, golden bruiser whose favorite thing to do is to pummel her enemies into paste.

    When the Tinkerer specializes as an Engineer, Alfredo, becomes even stronger. Empowered by her offensive and defensive buffs, he becomes a real whirlwind on the battlefield, performing devastating melee and beam attacks.

  • Mecha-Quackums

    Don't forget the mecha-quackums! These adorable drones act as shock troopers in the Engineer's robot army. When she says the word, they swarm enemies and man all kinds of different turrets. They even detonate on command, turning themselves into the cutest little kamikaze quackums you ever did see.

  • Goo

    Last but not least, there's the goo! Flying, sentient globs of good, to be precise. These living chemical concoctions act as the medium for many of the Alchemist's skills. With a snap of her fingers, these sticky companions turn into healing salves, poisons, and even little balls of fire and ice!

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