Empowerment System Update

Views 98763   Date 6/18/2012

Dragon Nest is constantly evolving, and an important change to the PWR system is coming with the next update. PWR will be more important than ever, as it will affect your drop rate. For Players Lv. 1 to Lv. 39, PWR consumption will be reduced by 90%, making PWR last much longer. For Lv. 40 players, PWR consumption will not change. For all players, having 0 PWR left will reduce the item drop rate to 20%. If you’re playing in a party, the average drop rate for all party members will be used.

*Please note that the relationship between PWR and EXP will stay the same. No matter how much PWR you have, you can still play any dungeon you wish.

PWR Consumption:

-      Lv. 1 to Lv. 39 players will consume 90% less PWR

o      This means that your PWR will last longer

-      Lv. 40 players will consume PWR normally


EXAMPLE: PWR consumption for level 39 character:

EXAMPLE: PWR consumption for level 40 character:

Drop Rate:

-      When you run out of PWR, your drop rate will decrease to 20%.

-      A party’s drop rate will be the average of the drop rates of all players in the party

o      For example, if a 4-player party has 2 members with no PWR and 2 members with remaining PWR, that party’s drop rate would be 60%.

-      Drop rate will remain at 100% until you are completely out of PWR.


Along with the update, we’ll be giving you 14 PWR Potions a week for a whole month so you can increase your PWR twice per day! Each potion gives you 500 PWR, but the 1000 PWR limit will still be in place, so use the PWR Potions wisely. With a 90% lower PWR consumption rate and extra PWR Potions, you’ll be able to quest even longer! If you want to branch out beyond quests and dungeons, check out Daredevil Faire, Edge of Darkness, Garden of Eternity, Nests, and PvP!

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