Dragon Vault Update: Icarian Heights

Views 48214   Date 6/20/2012

This update is all about customizing your look! Try one of the many new hairstyles and show off your true feelings with a new expression. Once you’ve got the basics down, step into a new costume to complete the transformation. Also check out the Chestnut Fire Mare and Gadget Robo Wings from the Dragon Egg, and two new packages to aid you in your adventures!

Dragon Egg Update

The Chestnut Fire Mare and Gadget Robo Wings have been stuffed into Dragon Eggs. Purchase a Dragon Egg now for a chance to obtain one of these new items!

Chestnut Fire Mare

Gadget Robo Wings

New Packages

Essentials Package (NX 4,750)
Get the essentials for 28% less until July 24th! The Essentials Package gives you the following items:

-          10 x Dreamy Emergency HP Recovery Potion

-          10 x Dreamy Emergency MP Recovery Potion

-          7 x Resurrection Scroll

-          1 x Adventurer’s Bag (5 slot)

-          1 x Extra Storage (5 slot)

Note: Limit 3 per character.

Grand Essentials Package (NX 18,990)
Get even more of the essentials with the Grand Essentials Package, on sale for 42% off until July 24th! The Grand Essential Package gives you the following items:

-          50 x Dreamy Emergency HP Recovery Potion

-          50 x Dreamy Emergency MP Recovery Potion

-          10 x Dreamy Approval Stamp

-          1 x Adventurer’s Bag (30 slots)

-          1 x Extra Storage (30 slots)

-          1 x Dragon Egg


Note: Limit 1 per character.


New Hairstyles (NX 4,900)

Make sure your character stays fresh with a new haircut!






New Face Styles
(4,200 NX)

Time for a facelift!






Discounted Tinkerer Costume Packages


The Tinkerer is here, and we’re having a sale on costume packages to celebrate! The Agent Set and Traveler Set will be on sale until July 24th.



Agent Set (NX 1,600 -- a 90% discount)


Green Agent Set                                   Orange Agent Set


Pink Agent Set



Traveler Set (NX 14,000 -- a 17% discount)      


Red Traveler Set                              Turquoise Traveler Set

Purple Traveler Set


New Costumes


Check out the goofy new costumes available for all the other classes! Get individual pieces to mix and match or get the entire package for a discount.


-          Package price: 19,000 NX (a 17% discount)



Blue Huntress Set                                      Green Huntress Set


Red Huntress Set



White Baron Set                                       Red Baron Set


Black Baron Set


Red Harlequin Set                                      Blue Harlequin Set


Green Harlequin Set



Orange Pastel Set                                  Pink Pastel Set
Yellow Pastel Set


White Imperial Set                                   Blue Imperial Set


Brown Imperial Set


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