Sea Dragon Nest

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The Sea Dragon Nest is a difficult nest that requires a high degree of teamwork and an expertly orchestrated attack. Revives and Recovery Items are out, so players will have to rely on each other to make it out alive. Gather your most battle-hardened friends and head into the Sea Dragon Nest to complete a variety of challenging missions and earn powerful rewards!

Entering the Nest:

In order to enter the Sea Dragon Nest, you’ll need an entry ticket. Entry tickets are only dropped in the Manticore and Apocalypse Nests on Hell Mode. Once you’ve gotten your hands on an entry ticket, you can enter the Sea Dragon Nest from the Southern end of the Hermalte Port.

Navigating the Nest:

The Sea Dragon Nest is comprised of 2 zones with 7 gateways. You’ll have to experiment to find the best path through the nest.

Mortar Zone

Hungering Island

Enraged Island

Lavaspill Island

Zombie Casali’s Island

Undying Brother’s Island

Leviatha’s Grave

Crrrash’s Den

Sea Dragon Den


-      Limited to 1 clear per week.

-      Parties must have a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 8 players to enter.

-      Reviving is impossible, even with life stones.

-      Recovery items cannot be used. This includes recovery items received during events.

Enter the Sea Dragon Nest at your own risk. Without recovery items or the ability to revive, every decision could be the difference between life and death. Those bold enough to clear the nest will be rewarded with items that are well worth the risk. Take on the Sea Dragon Nest if you dare!

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