Fishing, Farming, Cooking!

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In a world of ever-growing danger, it’s important to be self-sufficient. With the Fishing, Farming, and Cooking systems, you can do just that! If you’re not afraid to get a little dirt on your hands, head to Old Maury’s Farm to harvest, catch, and cook special items that can’t be found anywhere else in Dragon Nest!

Talk to Irine in any town to get started. 

Fishing, Farming, and Cooking are done at Old Maury’s Farm, which has its own channel. To enter the farm channel from in-game, head to Saint’s Haven and pick up the quest “Farming for Fun and Profit” from Irine, press ESC, Choose “Select Channel,” and then choose [Old Maury’s Farm]. Once on the farm, you can fish, farm, and cook in specific areas.

Cast your line in different areas of the farm to catch unique fish, which can be used to cook tasty meals.

·      To learn the Fishing skill, find Maury on the farm and complete the “How do I Fish?” quest. Maury will also provide you with fishing supplies.

·      You’ll be able to catch different fish in different fishing spots.


·      Watch the Time Gauge and Click the right mouse button when it fills to catch a fish.

·      Click the left mouse button when the Power Gauge reaches the middle to catch fish faster.


Use your superior harvesting skills to work the land and grow plants that can be used in cooking.

·      Once you’ve taken the “Farming for Fun and Profit” quest from Irine, head to Old Maury’s Farm to learn the skills necessary for farming.

·      You’ll see icons in the various farming areas where you can plant seeds. Click an icon to plant a seed and then wait until it’s fully grown to harvest it.  


·         As you learn more farming skills, you’ll be able to plant different types of plants.

Once you’ve gathered the necessary ingredients, whip up a delicious delicacy.

·      Talk to Maury to take on quests and learn various cooking skills. Maury will also provide cooking equipment and recipes. Monsters will also sometimes drop recipes.  

·      Once you have a recipe, you’ll have to harvest or collect the necessary ingredients before you can start cooking your culinary creation.

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