New PvP Mode: Wipeout

Views 18786   Date 8/29/2012

Team up in Wipeout, the newest Coliseum PvP mode, to take down the enemy team 1 on 1 until only your team is left standing. How many enemies can you take out before you have to pass the torch to your teammates?

Wipeout Mode

-          Create a room in the Guild channel and select Stormy Arena (Wipeout Mode).


-          2 – 16 players can face off in the Stormy Arena.


A leader will be selected for each team before the match. Leaders will select players to fight the opponent 1 on 1. When a player on one team is defeated, the leader of that team will select another player to fight.

Defeated players will turn into ghosts and will be able to spectate the entire match. Successful players will gain 10% of their HP and MP back and will move on to fight the next selected enemy.

Teams will fight in a ladder match until only one is left standing.


Similar to all other PvP modes, players will be able to convert PWR to Medals & EXP if they choose to do so.

Additionally, there is a list of achievements that players can complete for this new mode. Check the Achievement window and plan your victory.

You’ll have to rely on your team’s skills as much as your own in Wipeout Mode, so whip up your dream team and head to the Coliseum!


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