[Completed] Dragon Nest Pet Drive Event!

Views 23278   Date 8/30/2012


All free Pet Alicorns have been distributed. Congratulations to the winners. 

If there are any issues rearding the distribution of the free Pet Alicorn, please submit a ticket to Nexon Support with "Pet Drive Event" in the summary and we will address it immediately.

Every adventurer needs a companion on the battlefield, and from August 29th to September 3rd, you’ll get a little something extra with every pet you buy! When you purchase a Cat, Poochum, or Bull Pup, you’ll receive a free Pet Alicorn, which can be used to revive a pet for 30 days.


-          Only valid with purchases made with NX Prepaid.

-          Applies to all pets: Cats, Poochum and Bull Pups.

-          There is no limit to the amount of free Pet Alicorns you can receive.

-          Free Alicorns will be distributed starting Wednesday, September 5th.

-          All Pet Alicorns will be awarded to the character the pet was purchased with.


*The Dragon Nest team reserves the right to modify or extend the event.

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