The Tale of the Golden Egg

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Many scholars have taken to the history books to try and make sense of these rare eggs and track them down in the wild. Only one group of merchants claims to know where the eggs can be found.

The Tale of the Golden Egg

You’ve heard of the elite group of merchants that call themselves the Golden Goose Traders, but do you know where they got their name?

Long ago, when Altera was a more peaceful land, a man said to have a supernatural knack for acquiring rare items travelled the country, bringing outlandish wares and tales of adventure to various towns in Altera once a year. The man always told the same story in Carderock Pass. It was one involving a massive nest of golden eggs guarded by a flock of golden geese. Children were captivated by the story of vast riches and they searched the nearby forests in hope of finding golden eggs as parents shook their heads in disbelief. They warned their children that the old man was crazy and that they shouldn’t let the stories go to their heads.

One year, the man didn’t show up. Some were saddened. Others wished the man good riddance. The following year, the man was absent yet again, but a new group of merchants showed up, claiming that they had brought gifts of gold. To the villagers’ surprise, the merchants withdrew several golden eggs from their carts, offering them as a token of goodwill. The villagers pushed and shoved as they tried to get their hands on an egg of their own. As the villagers fought, the merchants quietly entered the village and filled their carts with items from the shops. The villagers fought until one of the eggs broke, spilling lead ingots onto the ground. The eggs were fake. The merchants had simply painted them gold. By the time the villagers discovered that they had been deceived, the merchants were long gone.

Decades went by and the incident was all but forgotten. Few people still remembered stories of the golden egg hoax, passed down from their parents. Fewer still remembered stories of the old man who claimed to have found a nest full of golden eggs. But one group of aspiring merchants claimed to know the man’s secret. They went out in search of the fabled nest, and everyone in Carderock Pass waited for them to return empty-handed. They returned months later with smiles on their faces, refusing to tell anyone where they had been and what they had discovered. With some unknown source of funding, they set up shop all over Altera and began calling themselves the Golden Goose Traders. Over time, they became the most widespread and successful merchant guild in all of Altera.

The Golden Goose Traders still exist today, and they have finally revealed their story. Their ancestors did indeed find the fabled nest, and they have access to the mythical golden eggs. They don’t offer even the slightest hint as to the whereabouts of the nest, but they have made limited quantities of the eggs available for adventurers to buy. Bold adventurers search for the eggs to this day, even going so far as to track the members of the Golden Goose Traders when they set out on supply runs, but none have been successful. The Golden Goose Traders guard their secret with sealed lips. Perhaps it is best that way.

The mysterious Golden Egg has appeared in the Dragon Vault! Each egg yields anywhere from 50 to 100,000 gold. If you’re in need of more gold fast, pick up some Golden Eggs from the Dragon Vault.

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