Dragon Vault Update - Foxy Fortunes

Views 32745   Date 11/7/2012

A couple of foxy new items were sly enough to sneak into the Dragon Vault without anyone noticing. Now you can pick up the new ears and tail and show off your inner animal! While you're at it, suit up in some new costumes to set yourself apart from all the other adventurers.

New Item


My, what pointy ears you have! These Fox Ears come in three different colors and provide a bonus when equipped with any costume.

Dragon Egg Addition


Get the fox tail to complete your foxy look and add a set bonus when you equip it with other Dragon Vault accessories!

New Costumes


Check out a wardrobe full of new costumes! You can mix and match pieces for a customized look or get an entire package for 19,000 NX (a 17% discount).

*Must be level 1 or higher to purchase with NX Credit. Must be level 30 or higher to wear.


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