Guild Rumble III!

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Remind your guild leader to head over to the Guild Board and register to participate in the preliminaries. Remember, this period is also your guild’s only chance to recruit new guild members to join this round’s Rumble!

How to register for Guild Rumble:

-     Speak to the Adventurer’s League NPC standing next to the Guild Rumble Bulletin Board.

-     Click on “Guild Rumble Registration.”

Once your guild is registered, the system will automatically place you on either the Blue or Red team. An icon will appear to the right of your character’s name. The color of the icon will indicate which team your guild has been placed in.

Preliminary Period

Once you’ve joined a team, you’ll compete against the other team to win bonus Guild Rumble Points—you’ll do this by completing achievements during this preliminary period. Don’t worry, even the losing team will come out with something. As long as you participate during the Preliminary Period, you’ll receive a special prize. The 16 guilds with the highest number of points will move to the finals.

Here is a list of achievements guilds can complete to acquire Guild Rumble Points:

(NOTE: The achievements above require PWR to receive Guild Rumble Points. If you use up all your PWR before you complete the dungeon, you won’t be given any Guild Rumble Points.)

(NOTE: The achievements above can be completed until the daily/weekly limit has been met. Once the daily/weekly limit is met, Guild Rumble Points will not be given.)

(NOTE: The achievement above can be completed any time. There are no PWR or daily/weekly limit restraints.)

Completing the above achievements will give you and your guild Guild Rumble Points. The accumulated amount of these points will determine if your guild qualifies for the finals. The Guild Rumble Points that are awarded to you can be used to purchase some amazing items from the Guild Rumble Shop during the Rewards and Finals Period, too.

You can check the Guild Rumble board to see the score for your team, the opposing team, and even the top guilds that may advance to the Guild Rumble Finals period.

How to see your team’s score:

- Approach any Guild Rumble Board and click on “Guild Rumble Preliminaries”.

A Guild Rumble score window will appear showing the total number of points your team has accumulated. Additionally, you can quickly see your personal score and your guild’s score.

By clicking on the “Lead Guilds” tab, you can see the top 16 guilds that may advance to the Guild Rumble finals. This can provide insight on who you and your guild need to knock out of the bracket to get your guild into the finals.

Rewards Period

The Rewards Period is the phase during which players can redeem their Guild Points for rewards in the Guild Rumble Shop.

To find out how many Guild Points have been accumulated:

- Speak to any Adventurer’s League NPC in any town.

- Click on “Guild Menu” and then click “Check Guild Points.”

To redeem Guild Rumble Points for items:

- Visit any Guild Rumble Officer in town and click on “Guild Rumble Shop.”

A lot of rewards are available in the Guild Rumble Shop. You can redeem points for a wide variety of lustres, epic sparks, and even materials to craft Manticore, Apocalypse, Corrupted and Ancient Totem gear.

This is also the time during which players can enter the Royal Treasury and use the Royal Treasure Chest Key received from participating in the Preliminary Period.

The Royal Treasury can be found in the basement of the Royal Castle in Saint’s Haven.

During this period, you can also check the Finalist Chart on the Guild Rumble Board to find out who’ll be participating in the finals. You can also vote for your favorite guild. If the guild you voted for wins the finals, you’ll receive a prize.

To find out who will be participating in the Guild Finals Period:

- Approach any of the Guild Rumble Boards and click on “Finals Schedule.

A window will appear showing the 16 guilds that will be participating in the finals. In this window, you can also show your support and vote for your favorite guild.

To support and vote for your favorite guild, click the “Support” button.

Finals Period

The Finals Period is the last phase of Guild Rumble. To be eligible to participate in the Finals, your guild must be ranked in the top 16 in total points accumulated during the preliminary period.

Guilds will be placed in a bracket randomly, and they’ll have to climb their way to the top. At the designated times (which can be found in the Guild Rumble Schedule Calendar), a room will be automatically created in the PvP Arena.

Players may spectate the match, but only members of the competing guilds will be allowed to enter.

While the match is going on, members of the competing guilds may enter and leave any time. Once the match ends, the losing guild will be knocked out of the completion while the winning guild will advance up the ladder.


To the winners go the spoils of war, and to everyone else goes a Royal Treasure Chest Keys as consolidation.

-      Players who don’t progress past the Opening Round will receive 2 Royal Treasure Chest Keys.

-      Players who don’t progress past the Quarterfinal Round will receive 2 Royal Treasure Chest Keys.

-      Players who don’t progress past the Semifinals Round will receive 5 Royal Treasure Chest Keys.

-      Players who lose during the Grand Finals will receive 10 Royal Treasure Chest Keys.

The winners of the Grand Finals round become the Champions of Guild Rumble and receive the following rewards:

- Glory Costume Set

- Glory Warhorse Mounts

- Gestures

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