[Complete] Jump to Lv. 45 Event

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The event has ended. All rewards and characters have been distributed.

Due to the postive and overwhelming registrations, we've decided to extend the Registration Period to December 17th.

Since meeting the 25K Registration requirement was so easy, we're upping the challenge to 30K. If we meet this new goal, all players who signed up and qualified will receive 1 FREE Golden Egg.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have a Lv. 45 character, or you’ve been itching to see how a different class plays at the maximum level, we’re here to help with the Jump to 45 Event! Starting November 19th, register for the Jump Event and you’ll be able to get a new Lv. 45 character of your choice! If you’ve got at least one Lv. 24 character, you qualify to receive a new Lv. 45 character, which will be added to a new character slot on your account.

Head to the registration page and choose a character that you want to jump, then on December 19th, go online and allocate your skill points to create the perfect Lv. 45 character. If you don’t have a Lv. 24 character yet, what are you waiting for? Get leveling!

Explore new nests and battle formidable monsters.

Wear the best armor Saint’s Haven has to offer.

Don’t have a Lv. 24 character to qualify? No problem! Just create one by December 17th and you’ll qualify for a fully decked out Lv. 45 character of your choice.

Don't think you'll have enough time to reach Lv. 24? We'll help you out by having a 50% Bonus EXP event during the entire registration period! The 50% Bonus EXP will happen throughout Altera, from November 19th – December 17th.

Registration Period: November 19th – December 17th

Character Distribution: December 19

Event Details:

-      You must have at least one Lv. 24 character on your account.

-      Make sure you’re signed into your Nexon ID and go to the Jump Event Registration page.

-      Select the world you want your new Lv. 45 character to be created in.

-      From the drop down menu, select the type of character you would like to create.

-      After you’ve made you selected, click the Register button.

Character Details:

-      Your Lv. 45 character will be added to a new character slot on your account on December 19th.

-      Your new character will be given a full set of Lv. 40 Epic Gear (primary and secondary weapons and a 5-piece armor set), 4 Lv. 40 Accessories (necklace, earring, ring), and 3 Lv. 40 Crests.

-      The character name will be given following a specific format, and you will receive 1 Name Change Coupon-which you must use within 30 days.

-      The character’s appearance will be randomly generated. 

-      All Quests and Achievements, aside from tutorial, 1st, and 2nd specialization quests, will be available to complete for the given character.

-      This Lv. 45 character and gear is yours permanently.

Now’s your chance to experience Dragon Nest with the character of your dreams!

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