A Brave New World

Views 40603   Date 12/13/2012

After the Jump Event, Altera’s getting a bit crowded! With all the new and returning players flooding into Dragon Nest, we’ve decided to open up a brand new server with its own economy and guild ecosystem. If you’re up for a new adventure in an unexplored world, or if you want to take a shot at cultivating the best guild in the land, create a character on the Leviatha server and get started!

From 12/13 to 12/31, Leviatha will have a server-wide 100% EXP and 50% Drop bonus to help new adventurers get off the ground.


-      Characters from other worlds will not be able to transfer to the new server.

-      Characters created in Leviatha will not be able to party, see, trade or even communicate with characters from other worlds.

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