Letter from the Dragon Nest Team

Views 43718   Date 1/11/2013

Dear players,


The Dragon Nest team would like to take a moment to apologize for the issues that you, our valued players, have been experiencing lately.


We constantly strive to make your experience in Dragon Nest as enjoyable as possible, and as a result, we perform routine maintenances to resolve issues and add new features. Though maintenance is necessary, we apologize for the extended maintenance times that occasionally occur. We’d like to also apologize for the disconnection issue players have been experiencing on the Leviatha server. This is the reason for the unscheduled maintenance that was an inconvenience for everyone.


At the time of maintenance, some players may have downloaded a client that resulted in a “Client versions do not match” message. This can be fixed by uninstalling the current client and reinstalling the latest client found on the download page of our website.


We are aware that our Windows 8 players are having issues playing the game and we’re working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.


We apologize for any issues you may have encountered, and we would like to provide you with a small compensation package as a token of our sincerest apology.


In addition to the two Dragon Eggs we gave all players after the unscheduled maintenance, we will also be giving everyone the following gifts:


-      50% EXP and Drop Bonus for 7 Days

-      1x Scroll of Unlimited Unlearning

-      30x Item Protection Jellies

-      5x Goddess Teardrops


Some of these items are time-sensitive, so to be fair to all players, we will distribute these items when the Windows 8 issue has been resolved. We will give updates regarding the status of this issue.


Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience these issues have caused, and we thank you for being patient!


-Dragon Nest Team-

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