Complete Update Notes - Defy The Odds

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2012 was a big year in Altera, but 2013 is shaping up to be even bigger! Test your skills with new modes in your favorite nests, experience new perks, and honor the land of the rising sun with new costumes and weapon skins. A new year of adventure has arrived. Kick it off in style!

Titan & Archbishop Nest Hell Modes


Get a taste of the underworld with Titan and Archbishop Hell Mode.



-     Recommended Level: 50 and above

-     Entry pass required: 1 False Token of Atonement by clearing Titan Nest in Normal mode

-      Portal Location: Garden of Eternity in Saint’s Haven

-      Rewards:

-      Lv. 50 Corrupted Set Accessory and/or Lv. 50 Epic Accessory

-      New Achievements and Titles


-      Recommended Level: 50 and above

-      Entry pass required: 1 Ancient Totem’s Black Disc by clearing Archbishop Nest in Normal mode

-      Portal Location: East Entrance within the Garden of Eternity in Saint’s Haven

-      Rewards:

-      Lv. 50 Epic Accessory/Lv. 50 Epic Ancient Totem Set Accessory/Lv. 50 Epic Archbishop Nest Special Skill Crest Plate/ Enhance Stone materials


-      Additional rewards will be given from the challenges

·      Rescuing the Shaman – Additional rewards that’s Gold/Silver Box level

·      Escorting the Shaman – Comet Dust or Sun Powder / Friendship gift (Rare or Magic)


Solo Nest Mode


Sometimes it’s tough to find the right party to clear nests, so why wait? Now you can do it yourself and prove you ARE the strongest in Altera by soloing the Manticore, Apocalypse, Titan, & Archbishop Nests!


Get quests from NPCs to start your journey into the nests all by yourself.

-      Brother Elijah will give you the quest to gain access to the Apocalypse, Manticore, & Titan Nests.


-      Cleric Trainer Enoc will give you the quest to gain access to the Archbishop Nest.

There are some differences between entering the Nests by yourself and with a party.

-      Difficulty is adjusted and monsters are slightly easier when entering the Nest solo.

-      Plates will not drop.

-      The drop rate of reward items is much lower than in Normal mode.


Note: Clearing a Nest solo counts towards the total weekly allowed. (ie. If you clear Archbishop Nest Normal Mode 5 times, you cannot enter Archbishop Nest solo.)


Dragon Vault Update


Live by the warrior’s code with new Japan-themed costumes, give your character a new class with the Class specialization change item, and embrace the mysterious crest system with the Crest slot expansion item, all in your local Dragon Vault!


-      Class Specialization change item.

-      Crest slot expansion item.

-      New Japan-themed costumes (3 different colors).

To see more information, click here.


Bug Fixes:

-      The “Permanent Sleep” exploit in PvP has been fixed.

-      Windows 8 (32 Bit) users no longer experience a Hackshield error that force-closes the game.

-      [H:06]An error occurred in the hack prevention feature. (Error Code= 10301)

     The program will be terminated.

-      NPC “Teram” no longer appears over NPC “Bishop Ignacio” during main storyline quests.

-      Removed font issues and grammatical errors in several quests.

-      “M:1000042893” no longer appears in the Achievements list.

-      Updated descriptions for “Leadership of Society,” “Speed Terminator,” “Dejected,” and “Lord of Phantoms” titles.

-      Edited formatting issues on Sorceress Trainer Stella, Lady Kaylinn, and Bailey Friendship Pages.

System Improvement/Changes:


-      New Revenge System

·      After getting killed more than 3 times by the same person, that person now becomes your nemesis.

·      Once a player becomes your nemesis, their HP and MP will appear above their head so you can see how close you are to defeating them.

·      Only 1 nemesis will appear at a time.

·      The system occurs when the match is done, you leave the room, & when you start the game after entering a match as spectator.

·      This system only occurs during 1v1 or Respawn Mode.

-      New Ranking Changes


-      New Combo Practice Mode

·      Allows players to create a room to practice combos against monsters.

·      When creating a PvP Room, select “Stormy Arena (Combo)”.

·      Players can enter this room solo.

·      Room creators can make enemies spawn by pressing the ‘F1’ button. This can only be done by the room creator.

·      During the match, item drops will appear. These items reduce cool down times by 80%.

-      View your PvP Ranking anywhere

·      Press the “/” key to view your PvP Ranking & Ladder Ranking.

·      You can search by Character Name or Guild Name.

-      PvP Mode Tips have been added to the Help Menu (“J” button).

-      Arena Rankings quick-key had been added (“/” button.)

-      When entering a PvP lobby, info for rooms and modes can be seen by clicking the button at the upper right of the screen. Doing this will make a tooltip with map and mode explanations appear when mousing over the name of the map and mode of the room.

-      Players can now see the remaining HP of their team members in Respawn, Round, Domination, & Protect modes.

-      A new option to toggle your team’s information is available under the portrait image icon when creating a room.

-      Protect Mode

·      The party member designated as the leader has a crown mark next to his or her portrait image icon.

·      If the leader’s HP goes below 20%, their location will appear in the minimap.

-      Players can now get Coliseum EXP through ladder mode.


-      New Server Storage

·      15 slots each for general and cash items.

·      For 5 gold, players can use this to store items.

·      Once items are placed into this storage space, they cannot be moved, combined, or divided.

·      Only general items can be divided when removed from this storage.

·      Temporary or binded (non-tradeable) items cannot be stored. However, Rare, Epic, & Unique equipment items can currently be stored.

·      For cash items, only items that can be listed in the Marketplace can be stored in this location.

·      All items that can be stored in the Server Storage will be marked in their tooltip.

-      New Special Storage

·      Event reward items will be placed in this special storage.

·      You can now choose which character in your account will receive the rewards.

-      New Hidden Ability System

·      You can now view the hidden abilities of equipment before using your sparks.

·      “Reset Sparks” will no longer drop, but will still remain in Reward Boxes.

·      Currently possessed Reset Sparks can still be used to reset hidden abilities for equipment.

·      For 1 gold, you can extract Onyxes or Crystals from Reset Sparks using Item Extractors.

-      Stage Ranking and Reward Changes

·      Combos and Skills have a much smaller effect on dungeon Clear Points (CP).

·      Chances of getting two of the same type of box now differs depending on the rank you receive when clearing a dungeon:


-      Anvils have been placed near the Adventurer Guild’s bulletin boards, so you can repair your equipment just outside of each dungeon entrance. You have the option to repair equipped items or all items at once.

-      Skill Window Improvements

·      Plus and minus buttons have been added to give the ability to raise or lower skill levels for each skill.

·      You can now easily see how much SP is applied and remaining.

·      A ‘Reset’ button is now available so that you can reset the SP you distributed.

·      On the exclusive Guild Rumble skill window, skills cannot be changed until the game ends once after applying the skills.

·      An ‘Apply’ button is now available so that you can set all SP at once.

·      Click the ‘Apply’ button to view the total price of used SP and applied skills.

·      A Skill Preset function has been added

·      After setting up a particular skill tree, players can now name and save that skill tree as a preset.

o     A maximum of 2 skills trees can be saved.

o     A skill tree can be opened after resetting all the skills.

·      After using the “Scroll of Unlimited Unlearning” or “Scroll of Unlearning (All), it’s possible to open a skill tree that has been saved and then adjust the skill by using the + and – buttons.

-      A notification icon to the Item Crafting window has been added to the right of the screen. This makes it possible to check and track the amount of materials needed to craft the item.

-      Item tooltips have been improved to be more informative.

-      You can now purchase certain Dragon Vault items without having to press the F11 key. Different cash items will be available for quick purchase on different windows.


-      Enhancement Window System Improvements

·      Players can now enhance items that are equipped.

·      When a player has insufficient enhancement materials, it’s now possible to view and purchase the needed materials by clicking the “Purchase” button in the Enhancement Window.

-      Clicking on the mail and gift notification icons will now open the mail and gift inventory instantly.

-      A “Private Chat” tab has been added to the Social Window.

·      This allows players to create chat rooms.

·      A password can be set to secure entry into a chat room. If a password is not wanted, simply leave the password blank.

-      The Chat Window now displays icons within each tab instead of the actual word.

-      The Chat Window configurations can be set up to display in the activated chat tab.

-      A Whisper tab has been added to the Chat Window.

-      Help buttons have been added to windows that require additional information.

-      Players can now send a request to players to gift Dragon Vault items.


-      Remote quests now appear in the ‘Remote’ tab of the quest window.

-      When entering certain towns, a balloon will appear at the bottom of the screen. Players can click on this to quickly view all Remote quests.

·      This balloon will not disappear until the quest is accepted or the player logs out of the game.

-      Quests are now sorted by their Stage Areas in the Quest Window.

-      The number of available quests and current quests is displayed at the upper right corner of the Quest Window.

-      In the Map (M) window, moving the cursor over dungeon locations now shows the number of current quests.

-      Daily quests are now marked with green exclamation points and question marks, making them easier to see.

-      NPC quests are sorted by level (From highest to lowest).

-      NPC quests 10+ levels below your current level are now hidden.

·      This can be disabled by clicking the “Hide Quest Marker” option in the Quest Window (U).

-      All Lotus Marsh daily quests are now given by NPC Kiwi. These daily quests are for Lv. 42 – 49 characters.

-      Goddess’s Mercy daily quests are now given by NPC Alessa. These daily quests are for Lv. 50 characters.

-      Daily Achievements are now added to ‘Event’ tab in the Achievements window.

·      Rewards for these achievements are 1 Goddess’s Mercy and 10 Goddess Medals

-      Dungeon Achievements are sorted by level (from lowest to highest).

-      Achievement tracking is now available for all achievements.

·      Check the button next to an Achievement name in the Achievement window to start tracking the progress of the Achievement.


-      Lotus Marsh NPCs’ Friendship Poster images now appear in the Friendship window.

-      NPC Friendship Poster Images now unlock in the Friendship window when entering a town that the NPC is in. Completing a quest to unlock the NPC Friendship Poster image is no longer necessary.

-      NPCs’ Friendship Gifts are now located in the Friendship Album window and no longer takes up a space in the inventory or storage. You can check these rewards in the new ‘Rewards’ tab in the Friendship window.

-      Existing Friendship Gifts in inventory or storage will remain and can be sold at shops.

-      You can now see how many NPCs you have gained max friendship with through the ‘Album’ tab in the Friendship window.

-      Mousing over NPC Friendship Poster Images will now give you information on how to unlock the Poster image.

-      Friendship achievements have been added into the ‘General’ tab in the Achievements window.


-      The new “Brave” skill is given to Swordmaster classes

·      This skill instantly attacks surrounding enemies with a shout. It reduces the enemy’s Super Armor damage and boosts the player’s damage.

·      Buff: All damage +30% for a short time.

·      Debuff: Decreases enemies’ Super Armor for a set duration.

-      The Swordmaster’s “Counter Wave” skill has been combined with the “Counter Slash” skill. The skill effects have changed.

·      Counter Wave’s technique, accessories, and skill plates have been combined into Counter Slash’s stats.


-      Reduced the effect that blocks the player’s sight

·      Magma Punch: Shattered effect after the hit will vanish quickly.

·      Ice Punch: Shattered effect after the hit will vanish quickly.

·      Magma Wall: Shattered effect after the hit will vanish quickly.

·      Magma Wave: Fire and decal effect after the hit will vanish quickly.

·      Poison Pool: Reduced the visual effect of poison.


-      Longbow/Crossbow Mastery (PVE)

·      Attack power has increased by 30%

·      Shooting range increase rate increased from .50m to 1m

-      Wisdom of the Owl (PVE/PVP)

·      Added critical rate increase at 5% per level

·      Cooldown time has decreased from 120s to 90s

·      Duration increase per level has decreased from 4s to 2s

-      Fury of the Owl (PVE/PVP)

·      Critical rate has changed from 10% to 20%

-      Siege Stance (PVE/PVP)

·      Attack power has increased by 100%

·      Duration has decreased by 50%

-      Guided Missiles (PVE)

·      Attack power has increased by 30%

-      Guided Missiles (PVP)

·      Attack power has decreased by 20%

·      Cooldown time has increased from 16s to 24s

-      Fake Shot (PVE/PVP)

·      Retreating distance has increased

·      A short invincibility period has been added

-      Magic Arrow (PVE/PVP)

·      Attack power has increased by 30%

-      Rapid Shot (PVE/PVP)

·      Changed action taken when attacked

-      Arrow Barrage (PVE/PVP)

·      Attack power has increased by 20%

-      Walking Target (PVE)

·      Damage increased per level from 2% to 5%

-      Slyph’s Aid (PVE/PVP)

·      Changed effect

·      Action speed has increased by 30%

·      Movement speed has increased by 30%

·      Attack power has increased at Lv. 1 10% to per level 2.5%,

·      Lv. 1 duration at 10s and increases 2s per level

·      Cooldown time has increased from 10s to 44s

-      Shortbow Mastery (PVE)

·      Attack power has increased by 30%

·      Shot range has increased

-      Eagle Dive (PVE)

·      Attack power has increased by 30%

-      Untouchable (PVP)

·      Added 5s cooldown time

-      Ring Shot (PVP)

·      Coolddown time has increased by 4s

-      Cyclone Kick, Furious Winds, Hurricane Dance (PVP)

·      Attack power has decreased by 50%

-      Somersault Kick (PVP)

·      Attack power increased by 30%


-      Stance of Faith (PVP)

·      Duration decreased by 40%

-      Paralyze Bolt

·      Debuff icon is not shown when shot in Arena.

-      Divine Ascension

·      Skill cancelled or not able to attack when used with movement key and defense is successful.

-      Divine Vengeance

·      Skill cancelled or not able to attack when used with movement key and defense is successful.


-      Toxic Spray (PVE/PVP)

·      Hit number has increased

-      Shock Wave (PVE/PVP)

·      Super armor attack power has increased

-      Fire wall (PVE/PVP)

·      Super armor defense increased

-      Force Shield (PVP)

·      Increased damage reduction

·      Reduced cooldown time by 5 seconds

-      Ice Cold Field (PVP)

·      Attack power has been reduced by about 30%

-      Frozen Spikes (PVP)

·      Attach power has decreased by 20%


-      Ground Zero (PVP)

·      Increased damage with 3 bubbles to 25%

·      Increased damage with 5 bubbles to 50%

-      Toxic Spill (PVP)

·      Increased damage with 3 bubbles to 25%

·      Increased damage with 5 bubbles to 50%

-      Toxic Surge’s poison effect has decreased

-      Gatling Quacker (PVP)

·      HP decreased from 60% to 10%

-      Cannon Quackum (PVP)

·      HP decreased from 60% to 10%

-      Frost Quacker (PVP)

·      HP decreased from 100% to 10%

-      Quackum Crash (PVP)

·      HP decreased from 50% to 5%

-      Quackum Crash +1 (PVP)

·      HP decreased from 30% to 5%

·      Invincibility frame when summoning has been removed

-      Chainsaw Quackum (PVP)

·      HP decreased from 60% to 10%

-      Frosty Fist (PVE/PVP)

·      Animation time of shattered effect after hit decreased


-      Dash Kick (PVE/PVP)

·      Attach power increased 2-2.5x

·      Increased super armor destruction power

·      Now able to briefly change direction after jump animation

-      Dash Kick (PVE)

·      Cooldown time has increased to 20 seconds.

-      Forward Thrust (PVE/PVP)

·      Added a knock down decision while charging

·      Damage has increased by 10%

-      Luring Slice (PVE/PVP)

·      Pulling area for 2nd and 3rd hits have increased to about 4.1m

-      Eclipse (PVE/PVP)

·      A pulling effect was added when hitting enemies

-      Battle Howl (PVP)

·      Stun Chance and increased by 20%

-      Iron Skin (PVP)

·      Damage reduction effect is decreased by 50%

·      Damage received is been decreased from 20% to 15%

-      Empowering Howl (PVP)

·      Super armor effect has changed from unlimited to 200

-      Breaking Point (PVP)

·      Activation probability has decreased by 50%

-      Crisis Howl (PVP)

·      Cool down time changed from 30s to 45s

-      Circle Swing (PVP)

·      Cool down time has changed from 25s to 20s

-      Dash Slash (PVE/PVP)

·      Overall attack power has increased

-      Triple Slash [EX] (PVE)

·      Attack power has increased by 15%

-      Hacking Stance (PVE)

·      Attack power has increased by 15%

-      Flash Stance (PVE)

·      Attack power has increased by 100%

·      Left mouse button attack power has increased from 100% to 300%

·      Cancel time has decreased by 0.7s

-      Moonlight Splitter (PVE/PVP)

·      Attack power has decreased by 10%

-      Counter Slash/Counter Wave (PVE/PVP)

·      Skills have been combined

·      Levels 1-5 have a 5s cooldown time

·      Attack power has been increased by 70%

-      Moonlight Splitter (PVE/PVP)

·      Attack power decreased by 20%

·      Corrected overhit at PvP or on small mosnters

-      Crescent Cleave (PVE/PVP)

·      Attack power has been decreased by 30%

-      Finish Attack (PVE/PVP)

·      Attack power has increased by 30%

·      Damage Ratio [as enemy has lower HP] has changed to 0.5% increase per level

-      Frenzied Charge (PVE/PVP)

·      Attack power has increased by 20%

·      Overdamage no longer occurs

-      Courageous Shout

·      Instantly attacks nearby enemies with a shout

·      Increased attack power by 25%

·      Duration is 17s

Monsters and Effects

-      Bats

·      Blood sucking bat (Black)

·      Enemy was made a little bigger.

·      Movement speed has been reduced.

·      Poison Teeth bat (Grey)

·      Frequency of dash skill has been reduced.

·      Bats attacked by players will follow the players until players defeat the bat.

-      Dark Elf

·      Summersault and bicycle kick abilities have been removed.

-      Camouflage Spider

·      Frequency of web shooting has been reduced.

-      Wisp

·      Ash Wisp

·      Reduced spin attack from 8 hits to 5 hits.

·      Grass Wisp

·      Reduced the activation time of tying root skill. The skill will be activated a few seconds after the circle is created.

-      Spitflower (Green)

·      This enemy will no longer dig back into the ground after it has already popped up from the ground.

-      Great Mimic Dalton

·      Reduced the double sleep gas eruption to 1.

-      Gargoyle

·      Gargoyle Mage/Ruin Defender/Gargoyle Stonewing-Boss (Blue)

·      Charge bolts now disappear properly.

·      Gargoyle Noxius – Boss/Gargoyle Stinger – Boss/Gargoyle Poilers/Gargoyle Darkmage (Green)

·      Activation time of Tying root skill has been reduced. The skill will be activated a few seconds after the circle is created.

-      Boer Assault

·      Easy to break monster’s super armor with skills.

·      Improved hitting animation when monster attacks players.

-      Skeleton Warrior

·      Can now be hit when collapsed on the ground.

-      Status effects caused by enemies don’t appear blurred on players.

-      Dreamy Emergency HP Recovery Potions can now be used in Nest Hell modes.

UI Changes

-      Ring slot text has changed from “Ring” to “Ring 1” and “Ring 2”.

-      When warping in towns, the player’s point of view will be focused on either the NPC or Portal automatically.

-      A “Return” button has been added to the bottom of the screen when talking to NPCs. This allows players to continue speaking to NPCs without having to re-click on the NPC.

-      A ‘New’ mark will appear on tabs in the Inventory window when players receive new items.

-      Only quests that are closer to the player’s current level will appear when speaking to NPC Quest Givers.

-      You can now compare stats of rings by mousing over them in your inventory and pressing the ‘Shift’ key. Holding down shift will show the stats of the ring that is equipped in the “Ring 2” slot.

-      Chat will automatically turn into party chat when making or joining a party.

·      This can be enabled/disabled within the game’s options. (Game Settings > Social > Party Chat “Auto” option.

-      The Quest and Friendship windows have been combined. Hot keys have not changed.

-      Login and Time events have been combined in the Event window.

-      A “Misc.” selector has been added in the Party tab of the Social window.


Known Issues:

-      There is currently an issue with purchasing the Extra Storage (30 slots) item from the “Usable” tab in the Dragon Vault with NX Prepaid and NX Credit.

o   “Item cannot currently be purchased. Please visit our website for details.”

-      Bloodbath Gargoyles can infinitely respawn in the first room of the Manticore Nest (Hell).

-      The sound effect that plays after successfully enhancing an item is very low.

-      Non-interactive monsters may occasionally be triggered too early.

-      The art window appears blank when opening all boxes and Dragon Eggs that give random items.

-      “M:1000049187” appears in the Alchemist “Arctic Squish” skill description.

-      “Guardsman Dreams lll” quest incorrectly says to “select Combo Practice” as the map when it should say “select the Stormy Arena (Combo) as the map.“

-      Party Chat does not activate automatically when creating or joining a party.

-      Several Weekly Mentor Achievements have numbers in the place of where their descriptions should be.

o   M:1000047116

o   M:1000047117

o   M:1000047118

o   M:1000047273

-      Players are unable to “Beg” to players with names over 10 characters long.

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