Gamer Security Week: February 6-12

Views 18046   Date 2/6/2013

In the interest of keeping Dragon Nest safe and secure, we’re dedicating February 6-12 to security awareness. The Internet is an integral part of our lives, and as we create more and more accounts and store our personal information on servers all over the world, it’s important to consider how we can keep that information private.


Nexon continuously strives to improve account security so you can worry less about the details and more about experiencing everything Dragon Nest has to offer, but the first and most important step in account security starts with you. You can help improve the security of your account by following some simple steps:


1.   Create a complicated but memorable password.

A password is the key to your account, and it shouldn’t be easy for a person or a computer to guess. Don’t rely on words from the dictionary, personal information like birthdays, addresses, etc., or common sequences like 123456789 or 000000000. A long password with a mixture of numbers, letters, and special characters is ideal.


2.   Update your password and second password frequently.

The general rule of thumb is to change your password every three months. Never reuse or share a password across multiple accounts or the compromise of one account could lead to another. Your second password is the second line of defense against unauthorized logins, and it should be treated like your primary password.


3.   Do not share your account information with anybody.

The easiest way to get your account stolen is to share your account information. Whether it’s with a friend or a complete stranger, sharing account information can lead to account theft. No matter how much you trust someone, you should never share your account information.


4.   Game Masters (GMs) will never ask for your personal information, including your password and PIC.

A GM will never threaten you or ask for your personal information. Malicious users sometimes impersonate GMs in order to try and steal an account. If you ever encounter a GM that asks for your personal information or threatens you in any way, block him or her immediately.


5.   Know our official domain:

Dragon Nest’s official website is on the domain. Consider all websites outside of the domain unofficial. If you see a website that promises free NX, items, etc., it’s most likely a scam. If you come across something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

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